DryZone Basement Systems Case Studies: Zimnowski Residence

Monday, April 9th, 2012 by Melissa Wilcox


The Zimnowski residence is a two story wood framed structure built in 1954 in the town of Sunderland, MA. The home was constructed adjacent to a large ravine that ran just outside the fence line of their backyard. Several years ago, the homeowners began to notice various symptoms throughout the residence showing tell-tale signs of foundation settlement. These symptoms included numerous cracks in the foundation walls and interior drywall, sloping floors within the living space, and doors and windows that were not fully operational. Realizing the problems were worsening, the homeowners decided to have the home appraised to look at the possibility of moving prior to correcting the issues. When the appraisal came back, they were shocked to find the value of their home had decreased by over $60,000 due to the condition of the foundation.


After receiving the appraisal, the Zimnowski’s knew that fixing the settlement problem before it worsened was the logical approach. Benefiting from a grant their town was offering homeowners for property improvements, they contacted Foundation Supportworks of New England (FSNE) to properly diagnose the issues with their foundation and provide appropriate options for repair. During the diagnosis, FSNE informed the Zimnowski’s that their home had settled over five inches! FSNE installed (4) Model 288 Push Piers to permanently stabilize and lift the settled area of the home. The piers were installed at spacing’s of seven feet, with depths ranging from 100-120 feet. The project was completed within three days and the lawn and landscaping around the home were left in excellent condition. The homeowners were extremely pleased with the results as well as the efficiency and cleanliness of the FSNE crew.

Project Summary

Project Engineering: Hayman Engineering Inc.

Installing Contractor: Foundation SupportWorks of New England

Certified Inspector: Andy Mills

Products Installed: (4) Foundation Supportworks® Model 288

Foreman: Shaun Wilcox

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