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Learn more about DryZone Basement Systems' recent work requests in Medway, MA
Project Location: Medway, MA
Hello. My home is a cape built in 1960 with a 23 x 12 addition built over a crawl space at some time after the original build. The room above the crawl space tends to have an off and on musty smell. A moisture inspection revealed a high moisture level in the floor that is resulting from moisture issues possibly related to the insulation currently installed between the floor joist. The crawl space is a cement floor with limited access (one basement sized window). We need to resovle this issue and are interested in receiving a proposal for a solution and an estimate of the cost.
Project Location: Medway, MA
Hello, I have a crawl space area below my family room that is roughly 300 square feet. In the room above there is sometimes a musty ordor that I believe may be coming from the crawlspace. I would like to schedule an inspection / estimate to determine if this is the cause and what options we have to address the issue.
Project Location: Medway, MA
Good morning, I have a fully finished basement of approximately 900 sf. In 10 years we have had only one issue with water, which was last spring when the water table went 10 inches above floor level, and even with that there was only water intrusion at the four corners causing some wet carpet damage. For peace of mind, I am investigating sump pump installations to protect against the possibility that this could happen again. It's low risk, but still enough of a concern because I want to protect my basment. Thanks.
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