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Before and After Pictures from Norton
Replacement Sump Pump in Norton, MA

Replacement Sump Pump in Norton, MA

Before After
Replacement Sump Pump in Norton, MA Replacement Sump Pump in Norton, MA

After searching Angie's List, Eric in Norton, MA, came across DryZone Basement Systems for all things basementy! He had a sump in his basement but was interested in getting a battery backup system installed. We upgraded his sump after he mentioned he had lost power and got water in the basement.

SuperSump Installed In Norton, MA

SuperSump Installed In Norton, MA

Before After
SuperSump Installed In Norton, MA SuperSump Installed In Norton, MA

A homeowner from Norton, MA experienced his basement being flooded because he lost power. His current sump pump at the time wasn't discharging water due to the electrical shortage, so we installed our SuperSump plus along with an UltraSump battery backup pumping system that will enable water to be discharged during another power outage. 

Constant Wet Basement in Norton, MA

Constant Wet Basement in Norton, MA

Before After
Constant Wet Basement in Norton, MA Constant Wet Basement in Norton, MA

A homeowner from Norton, MA was in disarray when he continuously saw water seeping from the ground and onto his basement floor during the rainy days. He lost some valuable items along the road and decided enough was enough. He made the best decisions for his basement's future because he called us! We provided a full waterproofing system which consisted of a TripleSafe sump pump to discharge water, CleanSpace wall vapor barrier to prevent moisture from getting through the walls and WaterGuard interior drainage system that sat in the whole perimeter of this basement floor to collect all of the water seepage getting in! Thanks to us, this basement will remain dry during the stormy days! 

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Best of BBB 2021 Award
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2020 Impact Award
Each year at CN Live, Contractor Nation presents the IMPACT Award to the dealer in the network that does the... [Read more]
BBB 2016
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Reviews From Norton
Testimonials From Norton
The salesman's presentation was very informative. We preferred your system over others...
Testimonial by Mary from Norton, MA
The crew left our basement spotless after installing the sump pump. They were on time, friendly and helpful...
Testimonial by Anna G. from Norton, MA
Great sales presentation. Charlie showed his confidence in the products. Crew was super!
Testimonial by Katherine & Michael T. from Norton, MA

Responsible basement waterproofing & crawl space repair company serving Norton, MA

At DryZone Basement Systems, we adhere to the highest industry standards, while striving to be the leader for all of the basement waterproofing and crawl space related services we provide. We only use state-of-the-art products and technology that are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Norton, MA. We offer easy to use financing on all of our services.

Basement Waterproofing Services:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing system installation
  • French drain & drainage system installation
  • Sump pump installation, repair & replacement
  • Basement dehumidifier system installation
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Crawl Space Repair Services:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Vapor barrier installation
  • Crawl space dehumidifier installation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Sump pump battery backup
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Foundation Repair Services:

  • Foundation push piers to stop foundation settlement and lift it back in place
  • PowerBrace™ to stabilize failing foundation walls
  • EverBrace™ to restore foundation walls that have buckled, bowed, or cracked over time due to hydrostatic pressure
  • CarbonArmor® to stabilize and reinforce basement walls and add to foundation strength
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Case Studies From Norton
Our appointment center received a call from a homeowner living in Norton, MA. She told us that she was seeing water sitting in her basement, as her...
Job Stories From Norton, MA
Damp Crawl Space Transformation in Norton, MA

This customer in Norton, MA was annoyed at the musty smell that was lingering in her house. Turns out, it was coming from the crawl space! To prevent any future humidity that stemmed from all of moisture coming in, we fully encapsulated this crawl space with CleanSpace vapor barrier. This white liner is durable enough to prevent water vapor from coming in. Additionally, we installed SilverGlo wall insulation to ensure this crawl space stays cool during the summer and warm during the winter. 

Damp Crawl Space Transformation in Norton, MA - Photo 1
Drainage and Sump Pump Systems Installed in Norton, MA

A homeowner in Norton, MA was dealing with constant water seepage getting into his unfinished basement. This was the root cause of the water damage that was on his floor. To keep his basement dry, he called us for a waterproofing solution! Our appointment center set up a day for one of our inspectors to take a look at his basement to determine what system we should install. 


Once the inspector arrived, he carefully assessed the basement and determined that a TripleSafe sump pump and a TrenchDrain would help keep this basement dry. Once that was set, our production crew arrived to install the system. They began by jackhammering a hole to put the TripleSafe in, which is our 3-pump system that keeps basements all year long. Next to it they installed a TrenchDrain at the doorway to collect any water seeping in from that entry point. Once the installation was complete, the homeowner was relieved to have a waterproofing solution on his side! 

Drainage and Sump Pump Systems Installed in Norton, MA - Photo 1
Wet, Damp and Cold Basement Waterproofed in Norton, MA

Water and moisture kept disturbing this basement in Norton, MA. The homeowner was always faced with water getting into his basement along with the humidity in the air. It was a combination that no homeowner should deal with since it can create structural damage to the home. We sent out an inspector to see the issue himself. Once he assessed the situation more closely, he suggested that we install a full waterproofing system consisting of CleanSpace wall vapor barrier, a full perimeter WaterGuard interior drainage system and a TripleSafe sump pump. 


Moisture was a big issue for this homeowner, it kept coming in through the walls creating to create a humid environment. We prevented this nonsense from continuing by placing CleanSpace on the interior walls of the basement. Then our WaterGuard system was installed all around the inside perimeter to collect the water getting in. Once the water is collected, it'll be moved to the TripleSafe sump pump where it all gets sent out of the foundation! The homeowner was relieved to have a waterproofing system that will keep his basement dry for years to come, we highly suggest coming to us for any concerns relating to your basement! 

Wet, Damp and Cold Basement Waterproofed in Norton, MA - Photo 1
TripleSafe Installation in Norton, MA

This customer living in Norton, MA was concerned about the well being of his basement because his sump pump was not doing the job. Water was still lurking on his foundation floor, so it was time for a change! Our inspector went to the house to suggest our TripleSafe sump pump since he knew it was the best option for this basement. The homeowner was intrigued by the specs, and decided to have our crew install the system. 


The crew came and began jackhammering the current sump pit to make it a bit bigger. This will ensure that our TripleSafe system snugs in perfectly. Then, they connected the system to a discharge line for the water to be pumped out in. Once that was set, the homeowner was very happy to see an improved sump pump savvier in his basement! 

TripleSafe Installation in Norton, MA - Photo 1
Wall Crack Solution in Norton, MA

A homeowner that lives in Norton, MA was not happy with one particular wall crack in her basement. Whenever a rain storm would happen, water always seemed to find a way through the thin intrusion point. This was getting worrisome, as water build up can lead to a humid basement. But luckily this homeowner called us for help as we sent over an experienced technician to perform our FlexiSpan wall crack repair procedure! By applying a few layers of flexible polyurethane and an adhesive strip to finish up the sealant. If you have any wall cracks that you aren't sure if it's a threat or not, we can take care of it all for you! 

CleanSpace Cleanup in Norton, MA

This customer living in Norton, MA was having a growing concern about the quality of his health and home. One issue that was very noticeable for him was the strange odor. He could not identify where the odor was coming from, and he was sick of the smell lurking around in his home. 


When an inspector arrived, he went into the crawlspace to find the source of the issue. Just by being in the crawlspace and seeing some mold spores, the inspector told the customer it was a moisture issue. Well, luckily he called the right company, because we were able to cover the crawlspace with our CleanSpace vapor barrier! Its strong polyethylene material makes it impossible for moisture to pass through, which reduced the amount of humidity this homeowner was getting and helped prevent the odor from happening! 

CleanSpace Cleanup in Norton, MA - Photo 1
Moldy Insulation In Norton, MA

This customer from Norton, MA was concerned about his insulation after a mice infestation. He gave our appointment center a call, and one of our inspectors were able to respond to the situation shortly after. The inspector suggested to remove the insulation the was moldy and replaced it with our SilverGlo wall insulation! This insulation is designed to keep the crawlspace sealed properly and will reflect heat back in! This crawlspace went from damp and moldy to dry and happy! 

Leaking Basement Wall In Norton, MA

A customer in Norton, MA unfortunately saw water coming from the walls of his basement! He wasn't sure how to deal with the issue since the water would seep through after rain storms. He knew he had to find a waterproofing solution, so he contacted our appointment center for help! When he was discussing his issue with our call center representative, he informed us that he was looking for a sump pump to get rid of all the water getting in. When we sent an inspector over to the house afterwards, a plan was written up for a production crew to install a TripleSafe sump pump! Once the strategy was written up, the crew began to jackhammer a sump pit in the corner to install the TripleSafe in. This sump pump gives the basement protection from floods, as the two pumps can move up to 6,200 gallons of water per hour! Lastly, they hooked up a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier as the cherry to the top so that excess moisture can be removed. 

Leaking Basement Wall In Norton, MA - Photo 1
Damp Crawlspace Fixed In Norton, MA

This homeowner from Norton, MA wanted to keep his dirt crawlspace dry, but all the moisture getting in from the outside environment was making it impossible to stay damp-free. We had one of our inspectors go into the crawlspace to write up the best way to solve the issue. After close evaluation and conversations with the homeowner, a production crew laid out drainage mattings onto the dirt floor, and then encapsulated the area with CleanSpace vapor barrier. By installing CleanSpace, we are providing a layer of protection in the crawlspace to prevent mold from growing since moisture won't be able to get through! 

Damp Crawlspace Fixed In Norton, MA - Photo 1
Un Even Crawlspace Floor In Norton, MA

A homeowner from Norton, MA reached out to us about his crawlspace that was uneven and moist. This dirt crawlspace was very gross, full of debris and the homeowner was sick of how humid it felt down there. We had an inspector visit the homeowner to find a solution that will fix the crawlspace. He recommended that our production crew uses SmartJack floor supports under the sagging floor, apply CleanSpace vapor barrier onto the floor to keep moisture out and plug in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to remove any moisture in the air. The homeowner did not hesitate to say yes and the crew began to leveled up the sagging floor back to the original spot and made the crawlspace look brighter and drier! 

Flooded Basement In Norton, MA

A homeowner from Norton, MA had a power outage which resulted in his basement being flooded. His sump pump at the time did not function due to losing power, which caused water to be backed up into the basement. We sent over an inspector and he recommended our SuperSump plus along with the UltraSump sump pump. The UltraSump will provide the SuperSump with extra protection against power outages so this homeowner wouldn't experience the same issue. He agreed to the installation and then our crew began to jackhammer a new sump pit to place the system in. Then they plugged in the UltraSump to complete the process and now this homeowner won't have to worry about his basement during electrical shortages. 

Flooded Basement In Norton, MA - Photo 1
CleanSpace Encapsulation In Norton, MA

There was a homeowner in Norton, MA that was looking for a way to encapsulate her dirt crawlspace so it could be free from moisture. The dirt was causing humidity levels to rise and it was getting irritating to endure. Shortly after, we sent an inspector over to examine the situation more closely. He made note of the dampness and how cold it was down there, and proposed an idea to encapsulate the crawlspace with CleanSpace vapor barrier. Once she heard about the idea, the crew came to apply the vapor barrier all along the floor, protecting it from mold, moisture and humidity! 

TripleSafe Sump Pump Installed In Norton, MA

A homeowner in Norton, MA wanted a sump pump for his basement. His basement started to leak water through the walls and floors, and were causing puddles to form. These puddles could lead to potential damages for the basement such as mold growth or structural collapse. With the help of our inspector and production crew, the TripleSafe sump pump was installed at the lowest point in the basement. The crew got word from the inspector where to install the TripleSafe and began jackhammering a hole to place the liner in. Once the liner was in, they placed a primary pump, secondary pump and a battery operated electrical pump incase of a power outage into the liner! Now, this homeowner has triple the protection for when it comes to discharging water! 

SilverGlo Rigid Foam Insulation In Norton, MA

This homeowner in Norton, MA was lacking a good insulation system in Norton, MA. This could lead to bad air quality, raise energy costs and a colder atmosphere. She wanted to fix this issue immidiatly, so DryZone Basement Systems came to the rescue! After close inspection, a crew was sent to apply SilverGlo rigid foam insulation. The best part about this insulation is that it won't absorb moisture and deteriorate over time. Now, this homeowner can live with a peace of mind knowing her crawlspace has better breathing air and is well insulated! 

SilverGlo Rigid Foam Insulation In Norton, MA - Photo 1
Basement Pump System in Norton, MA

At this home in Norton, MA there were some water issues with the basement that needed a professional opinion. At the free estimate our inspector addressed all the concerns as well as what we could do to fix them. The main solution is a SuperSump system with Waterguard, our drainage system, that would work together to collect and extract the water seeping in to the basement.

Basement Pump System in Norton, MA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Norton, MA
Project Location: Norton, MA
What to finish part of basement, worried about water
Project Location: Norton, MA
Right front corner of the basement is damp.
Project Location: Norton, MA
I'm looking for a quote on the installation of an interior drain and sump system with a backup battery. I'm estimating it's about 100-150 linear feet based on where I've had water infiltration.
Project Location: Norton, MA
We are having water coming up through the floor there is a French drain around the basement but it is not keeping up with these heavy rains over the past weeks.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Water on basement floors during heavy rains.
Project Location: Norton, MA
We've had recent flooding in our finished basement. This is only the second time it has happened in 14 years. We witnessed water seepage through cracks in the foundation and intentional cuts in the foundation floor. We have a fully functioning sump pump. We are looking for advice on how to tackle the issue so it doesn't happen again.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Chimney has pulled away from the home
Project Location: Norton, MA
Service: Basement Waterproofing
Project Location: Norton, MA
Section of house over crawlspace sinking.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Our home inspector advised me to get these cracks repaired/patched asap.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Have area of concern-leaking crack, but would also have full basement estimate done...
Project Location: Norton, MA
Water coming in basement after rain events
Project Location: Norton, MA
The basement in our child care center is old, and has an old scent. Built 1955
Project Location: Norton, MA
Basement floods when it rains. Need something to work against the constant flooding throughout the night and during the day when I'm at work.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Old stone foundation. Damp basement. Need humidifier and air circulation.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Water damage in first floor basement condo
Project Location: Norton, MA
I have a crack in my basement. With all the rain we've had this summer, some water has started to come in. Not a lot but I want to fix it before this is a bigger problem
Project Location: Norton, MA
3 small/medium cracks (2 vertical 1 horizontal) in concrete foundation. Also several holes at very bottom exterior side where it touches the ground likely worsened by animal activity. May suggest preventatives options as well like French drain. Thanks!
Project Location: Norton, MA
4 cracks that let in some light water but not bad. Ideally I'd have the entire basement sealed up but also want to have the exterior looked at.
Project Location: Norton, MA
Water leak through foundatiom crack , under front stairs, during heavy rain.
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