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Before and After Pictures from Wakefield
Updated Sump Pump System in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Updated Sump Pump System in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Before After
Updated Sump Pump System in South Kingstown, Rhode Island Updated Sump Pump System in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

The home owner in South Kingstown, Rhode Island had water problems since the home was built. They did have a sump pump system installed but it was not working as it should. They had major ground water problems, seepage and cracks. In this before and after you can see that the foundation was poured with a hole for a sump but the hole was not in the correct area of the basement. We did install a sump pump system that will adequately take care of their ground water problem and keep the water away from the basement. 

TripleSafe Sump Pump Installation in Wakefield, RI

TripleSafe Sump Pump Installation in Wakefield, RI

Before After
TripleSafe Sump Pump Installation in Wakefield, RI TripleSafe Sump Pump Installation in Wakefield, RI

This basement in Wakefield, RI had a basic open sump pit with room for one pump. The customers wanted a closed system with a lid and additional protection. The existing pump was running nonstop, even when it wasn't raining. Our solution was to upgrade the sump to a TripleSafe. The TripleSafe has three pumps that are staggered in the liner so when water hits the pump that is lowest in the liner, it will engage. Next, if the water levels continue to rise and the first pump cannot keep up with the amount of water, the 2nd pump will engage. These two pumps will now be pumping together to get the water levels down again. In the event that there is an alarming amount of rain and the two pumps cannot keep up, or power to the sump is compromised, the third pump will kick on either in addition to the first 2 pumps or alone, running on battery power. It really is the best solution when you want to keep your basement dry all the time!

Crack Repair in Wakefield, RI

Crack Repair in Wakefield, RI

Before After
Crack Repair in Wakefield, RI Crack Repair in Wakefield, RI

Leaking cracks in the basement are never good, so when this home in Wakefield, RI found the crack in the foundation wall was letting water in, they knew they had to do something! Our FlexiSpan wall system is a permanent solution for leaking wall cracks and is one you can trust. We use a flexible sealant deep inside the crack and cover that with a secondary drainage layer that will direct any water into the waterproofing system installed, in the slim chance the sealant doesn’t hold up. On top of all that we add another layer of sealant to give the repair a finished and clean look!

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Testimonials From Wakefield
The best decision we ever made. Highly recommend Dry Zone for any dampness and mold issues.
Testimonial by Brenda C. from Wakefield, RI
Very satisfied. Dan and Ron were great. Website had a lot of good information and salesman was very good,...
Testimonial by Eric B. from Wakefield, RI
Jay was a persistent and effective salesman. Rick and his team were totally satisfactory. He went to...
Testimonial by Barbara D. from Wakefield, RI

Effective crawl space repair and leaky basement waterproofing in Wakefield, RI

We proudly service the area of Wakefield, RI with basement waterproofing and crawl space repair techniques. Our trained professionals have expert knowledge with every aspect of basements and how to keep them dry. We also utilize patented crawl space products designed to help keep your crawl space healthy and usable. 

Basement & crawl space services offered in East Falmouth:

  • Basement waterproofing solutions for flooded, wet basements
  • Crawl space repair & sealing
  • Sump pump installation & maintenance
  • 25-year warranties on crawl space encapsulation systems
  • Lifetime warranties on basement waterproofing systems

Foundation Repair Services:

  • Foundation push piers to stop foundation settlement and lift it back in place
  • PowerBrace™ to stabilize failing foundation walls
  • EverBrace™ to restore foundation walls that have buckled, bowed, or cracked over time due to hydrostatic pressure
  • CarbonArmor® to stabilize and reinforce basement walls and add to foundation strength
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Case Studies From Wakefield
The home owner in South Kingstown, Rhode Island was looking for a permanent solution to their basement water and moisture problems. A few years back...
This homeowner in South Kingstown, RI was experiencing issues related to his basement. Since it's unfinished, he would like to have the space...
Job Stories From Wakefield, RI
Interior Drainage System Installed in South Kingstown, RI

The water table was very high for this homeowner living in South Kingstown, RI. When the water table levels are high, the soil around the home gets saturated, and can create hydrostatic pressure onto the foundation, causing leaks. This basement was clearly leaking in water, and needed a waterproofing solution to keep the water out. That's why our TripleSafe sump pump and WaterGuard interior drainage system are the perfect duo for this job! The WaterGuard system was installed inside the perimeter of the basement to collect and of the seepage getting in. From there, water is channeled to the TripleSafe sump pump, to be discharged out of the foundation! We highly suggest coming to us to deal with your water issues, because lets face it, no homeowner needs water in their basement! 

Interior Drainage System Installed in South Kingstown, RI - Photo 1
Water Intrusion Issue in Wakefield, RI

A homeowner in Wakefield, RI wanted to address the moisture issue going on in his unfinished basement. He saw our company online and wanted to take his chances with us. Well, he wasn't disappointed! Our first step was to have an inspector assess the basement himself and draw out the best solution using our products, once the planning was all laid out, it was time to begin! The crew installed CleanSpace wall vapor barrier, sealing the basement against moisture penetration. To collect and direct the water seepage, the WaterGuard drainage system was strategically installed inside the whole perimeter. Lastly, the SaniDry Sedona was plugged in to maintain humidity levels and improve the air quality! In the end, this homeowner was thrilled about his dry and breathable living basement! 

Water Intrusion Issue in Wakefield, RI - Photo 1
TripleSafe Sump Pump in Action in Wakefield, RI

This homeowner in Wakefield, RI had faced too many basement floods. Each storm season was a nightmare. But everything changed when our inspector assessed his basement and wrote a plan to install our TripleSafe sump pump! This sump was chosen for this basement because the homeowner wanted a powerful sump pump that came with a battery backup pump, so the TripleSafe was the best option! After the production crew swiftly installed the TripleSafe, the basement was forming less puddles all because the homeowner called us! 

Strong Basement Smell In Wakefield, RI

A homeowner from Wakefield, RI noticed a strong smell coming from his half finished basement This was due to all the moisture present in the basement, so to solve that, we had to install a few of our best and reliable products. We installed a WaterGuard interior drainage system that will collect water around the basement, keeping standing water off the floors. Then, the TripleSafe sump pump system will push the water up and out through the discharge line. This TripleSafe is very reliable because it comes with three pumps, the primary, secondary in case the primary is overworked and the battery backup in case power is lost. Lastly, we hooked up the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that will extract moisture from the air which will reduce the chances of mold to grow. 

Strong Basement Smell In Wakefield, RI - Photo 1
Dehumidifier Solution In Wakefield, RI

A customer from Wakefield, RI called our appointment center because he was looking into our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. He was in need of a trusty way to get rid of the water vapor in his basement air since it felt humid and moist. As a basement company, we understand how annoying it is to deal with the outside environment, so we had our service technician hook up the SaniDry Sedona in the basement. This will keep the moisture out and lower the humidity, which will also decrease the risk of mold growth and unhealthy breathing air! Safe to say this basement will feel much different when you breath in the air! 

Waterproofing System In Wakefield, RI

A customer from Wakefield, RI called us because his unfinished basement was leaking water in one specific corner. Although it was just one corner, this problem could potentially cause more issues if the homeowner allowed more moisture into his basement. To make the basement less damp, humid and exposed to moisture, we installed a WaterGuard interior drainage system that will drain any water getting in. Along with that, we installed a SuperSump Plus to pump out the water with the discharge line we attached it it. At the end of the discharge line outside, we placed a LawnScape outlet that will effectively disperse the water in the end. 

Dirty Crawlspace In South Kingstown, RI

There was a homeowner in South Kingstown, RI that was worried about his dirt crawlspace due to the exposure to moisture and debris. The humidity levels were high too, giving him a hard time. He called us seeking for a waterproofing solution. Once our inspector arrived to the scene, he informed the homeowner that all that moisture was from water vapor getting in through the dirt and walls. He proposed a solution that will help the homeowner. An encapsulation of CleanSpace vapor barrier and SilverGlo wall insulation! Once he agreed to the proposal, a production crew cleaned up all the remaining debris, installed SilverGlo wall insulation to give the crawlspace a radiant heat barrier to reflect heat back in. Then they lined up the whole floor with CleanSpace vapor barrier to keep the moisture out! It also separates the earth from the house too! Now, this homeowner has a complete waterproofing system to keep his crawlspace dry and happy! 

South Kingstown, RI Basement In Need Of Help

There was a homeowner in South Kingstown, RI that needed a way to get rid of the water lurking around in his basement. His basement started to leak after several heavy rainstorms, and needed to fix this before any possible structural damage. After an initial call with our office, we sent an inspector to map out the situation in order for a solution. Eventually, a production crew came to the basement to install a TripleSafe sump pump and a WaterGuard interior drainage system. To begin, the crew jackhammered the inside perimeter to place the non-clogging WaterGuard system so that wall seepage could be collected. The product was then connected to the TripleSafe sump pump where it was installed at the lowest point in the floor. This is how all the water will get completely discharged! 

Moist CrawlSpace In Wakefield, RI

A homeowner in Wakefield, RI started to smell a strange odor coming from her crawlspace. She didn't want mold growing in her basement, and understood that if she didn't do anything about this, she risks the chances of structural damage to her house. She reached out to DryZone Basement Systems for help. Once our inspector had a look at her crawlspace, he had our crew install CleanSpace vapor barrier and a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. He informed the homeowner that the CleanSpace creates a polyethylene vapor barrier between the walls and floor of the crawlspace so that no insects, dirt or moisture enter the area. Then, to ensure that no moisture ruins her crawlspace, our team installed the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to turn the moisture into clean, dry air. A healthy crawlspace means a healthy home!

Moist CrawlSpace In Wakefield, RI - Photo 1
Unwanted Puddles In South Kingstown, RI

A homeowner in South Kingstown, RI started to notice puddles of water appearing in his unfinished basement. If he wanted to complete his basement, he would have to fix this issue soon. This led to him giving DryZone Basement Systems a call. Eventually, one of our inspectors came to look at the space. One of the main things the inspector saw was the lack of any kind of sump pump. So, the inspector had our crew install our best products for the job. Our WaterGuard interior drainage system was installed to capture wall seepage. To compliment the WaterGuard system, we also added a TripleSafe sump pump to discharge the collected water. This sump pump will ensure that his basement can combat heavy rainfall and discharge during power outages, due to our built-in backup battery! Safe to say this customer can live with a peace of mind now!

Work Requests From Wakefield, RI
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
We would like an estimate for a sump pump system that will divert water out of our basement.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
We have a dehumidifier in the basement but its still very musty/damp down there. We do not know if we just need another free-standing or a full system
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
We have some dampness on our carpet in our basement that isn't going away I think we probably have a leak somewhere but I can't tell where it's coming from.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
I have about 1 to 2 feet crawl space under my house with no insulation and some mold issues in the summer. Could you help?
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Comment: Service CS Source Facebook/Instagram Subject: Dryzone BS CS Leads Oct/Dec 2022
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Service: Basement Waterproofing
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Need a new dehumidifier
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Have drainage issues outdoors due to re ent pool project that is affecting basement.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Old house with crawl space and a dehumidifier that runs 24/7
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Water in the basement and humidity
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Basement waterproofing
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Need quote on encapsulating my crawl space
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Need crawl space waterproofed
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
I have an u finished basement built in 1955 what leaks from several locations during rain storms. I would like to speak with someone regarding possible solutions. We do not have plans of using the space for living but would like to eliminate the moisture and musty smell
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
We have water in our basement and I would like to solve this problem.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Basement floods during torrential rain. Water rises through the basement floor. No cracks in walls or floor.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Basement has water leaking from the wall and some from the ground.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
We have two sump wells. Each has one pump with no battery backup. I'm looking for options to add battery backups and perhaps secondary pumps to both wells.
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Water seeping up thru concrete floor
Project Location: Wakefield, RI
Our basement tends to get moist and has a strong smell of mildew, a good portion of our basement is cinderblock construct. We recently purchased a Santa Fe dehumidifier and this seems to be taking a good portion of the humidity out of the basement. We would like an estimate to water proof the floor and walls. The foundation size is roughly 45x18.
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