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Hampden County, MA Crawl Space & Basement Waterproofing  Contractor

At DryZone Basement Systems, we adhere to the highest industry standards, while striving to be the leader for all of the basement waterproofing and crawl space related services we provide.

Plus, because we're part of the Basement Systems network we have access to over 30 patented products to benefit your home. Our exclusive Basement Systems products are specifically made for the underground environment so it's less for you to think about when it rains.

DryZone Basement Systems works in Hampden County, MA. We offer easy to use financing on all of our services.

Our Basement Waterproofing Services:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing system installation
  • French drain & drainage system installation
  • Sump pump installation, repair & replacement
  • Basement dehumidifier system installation
  • Radiant wall barrier installation
  • Basement insulation
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems
  • FREE written estimates and fast installation

Crawl Space Repair Services:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Vapor barrier installation
  • Crawl space dehumidifier installation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Sump pump battery backup
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Foundation Repair Services:

  • Foundation push piers to stop foundation settlement and lift it back in place
  • PowerBrace™ to stabilize failing foundation walls
  • EverBrace™ to restore foundation walls that have buckled, bowed, or cracked over time due to hydrostatic pressure
  • CarbonArmor® to stabilize and reinforce basement walls and add to foundation strength
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Case Studies From Hampden County
A basement in Russell, MA had some severe moisture problems in his basement. Luckily, he had no standing water to deal with, but the issue here...
This SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier in Russell, MA was not working as efficiently when it was first installed. The homeowner was concerned because she...
This basement in Chester, MA was a part of a home built in the early 1900's, so there has been some age to it most definitely. As time proceeded,...
Job Stories From Hampden County, MA
CleanSpace Applied in Longmeadow, MA

A homeowner in Longmeadow started to see rodents and insects making their way into his crawlspace. He didn't want this to keep happening because moisture was also creeping in, due to the dirt being completely exposed inside the space. The homeowner decided to call DryZone Basement Systems for help to find any solutions. Once the inspection was over, the crew installed CleanSpace vapor barrier onto the floor. This vapor barrier provides protection from mold, rot and pests from entering. Now, the dirt isn't exposed to the crawlspace, so this homeowner can live with a peace of mind now!

CleanSpace Applied in Longmeadow, MA - Photo 1
Leaking Basement In Longmeadow, MA

A homeowner in Longmeadow, MA gave us a call wanting our SuperSump plus because his basement was in need of a sump pump system. Our production team made a sump pit at a spot below floor level, placed the SuperSump in it, hooked it up to a discharge line and added an UltraSump backup battery system that will pump water during power outages. He was very impressed at how the SuperSump handles around 2,600 gallons of water per hour and knew this would keep his basement free from puddles. 

Messy Crawlspace In Wilbraham, MA

A homeowner in Wilbraham, MA contacted us because he wanted to warm up his cold crawlspace. He wanted to make sure that his crawlspace stays warm and protected from the outside environment. Our inspector that visited the crawlspace suggested to install our SilverGlo wall insulation and encapsulate the crawlspace with CleanSpace vapor barrier. At the time, the homeowner only wanted to go through with the SilverGlo, so our production team cleaned out any debris and applied the wall insulation. The crawlspace walls looked shinier, reflecting heat back in since it also acts as a radiant heat barrier. 

TripleSafe Fixed In Longmeadow, MA

One of our previous customers from Longmeadow, MA called us about his TripleSafe sump pump because it was malfunctioning for some reason. One of our technicians went to the basement to take a look, and once he removed the cover off the sump line he found a large buildup of clay. The technician performed a flood test, cleaned out breather holes and everything went back to normal! 

Crack Repair In Southwick, MA

A homeowner in Southwick, MA contacted us to evaluate a wall crack found in the basement. The crack was about 4 1/2" wide so we knew that FlexiSpan wall crack repair system would be the best fit for the situation. A field technician went to the residence place to apply two layers of flexible polyurethane onto the crack along with a foam strip for extra protection. Below, the crack, they made a drywell for proper drainage. This wall crack won't be an issue anymore since it is covered up with a permanent solution! 

Damp Basement In Agawam, MA

A customer in Agawam, MA was in dying need of a waterproofing system for his basement. He called us complaining about rainwater getting in, he had no sump pump, drainage system or dehumidifier. Our inspector took a closer look at the customer's basement to think of the best products for us to install for the basement. After close evaluation, our production team was sent over to install a WaterGuard interior drainage system so that water can be collected, a Tripleafe sump pump in the corner where the water will be moved away from the basement and a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to keep the keep water vapor out of the basement! After the installation, the customer was very relieved that he saved his basement with us! 

SuperSump Installation In Holland, MA

This customer from Holland, MA noticed some water coming in from the floor of his basement. He wanted to get rid of this water, as it was bringing in moisture into the air. He didn't want to keep seeing puddles of water just sitting there, so we had our inspector visit the home to write up a solution. The inspector had our production team install WaterGuard interior drainage system to surround the inside perimeter and collect water seepage. Then, we connected that to the SuperSump sump pump since he was lacking a way to discharge water! To give the customer even more of a peace of mind, we added an Ultra sump battery backup pump to activate if the house loses power, which can be quite often during a rain storm! 

Broken Sump Pump In Southwick, MA

A customer in Southwick, MA called our appointment center because he was looking for a better sump pump for his unfinished basement. His sump pump he had at that time had a float switch that was stuck in the on position! This meant that it was constantly running, which caused the pump to burn out and not function anymore. This was a concern because his basement was now at risk of flooding, but luckily our inspector visited to discuss the best options for a sump pump replacement! After discussing the solutions, our production crew took out the old sump pump and made a new sump pit, where they installed the TripleSafe sump pump! After, we encouraged the homeowner to keep an eye out for sump pump concerns in the future such as a stuck float switch or making sure his drainage system isn't clogged. The homeowner was delighted to know that we have service technicians that check on his system yearly so that we can provide the best service when needed!

SaniDry Sedona Maintenance Emergency In Blandford, MA

One of our previous customers reached out to our company after noticing the airflow for the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was different. He wasn't sure if something was broken and he didn't want to trip the breaker. We sent over a service technician to open up the SaniDry in hopes to catch the issue. The technician noticed that the filter was clogged up with dirt, hence the reason why the airflow seemed off. After a quick and easy filter replacement, the SaniDry was back to normal, and this homeowner can continue his days worry-free! 

Full Maintenance Check in Blandford, MA

This customer in Blandford, MA had owned one of our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifiers we installed a couple years back and began to worry about it. She didn't hear the dehumidifier go off which made her call our appointment center for a checkup by our service technician. It's always smart to call for a maintenance check by a professional company like us because we can see any issue your waterproofing system has. Once the technician arrived to the basement he began to examine everything. After opening up the dehumidifier, he realized the SaniDry threw a breaker so he simply reset it and it was back on immediately. While he was at it, he checked the TripleSafe sump pump, cleaned the liner of sediment and silt and switched the filter for the SaniDry Sedona. 

Waterproofed Basement in Brimfield, MA

When this customer in Brimfield, MA contacted us, we were told that he wanted a a free quote on our WaterGuard interior drainage system and SmartSump pumping system. This basement did not have any kind of drains or pumps so it was a good decision for this customer to consider installing some of our products. Basements can undergo some serious damages if too much water or moisture gets in, so we wanted to make sure this won't happen for him! Once our inspector was able write up a proposal, the customer reviewed the details and agreed to have our production crew begin the job! The crew did a wonderful job at jackhammering a trench inside the perimeter for the WaterGuard system, then made room in the corner for the SmartSump to discharge the water. For extra safety, we plugged in an UltraSump backup battery pump in case the SmartSump loses power during an electrical shortage. 

Sediment Built Up In Holland, MA

This customer in Holland, MA was concerned there may have been sediment basin build up in his WaterGuard interior drainage system we installed for him years ago. He hasn't had it serviced for a while, so we had a technician take a closer look. And after opening up the drainage and TripleSafe sump pump, there was some sediment that was inside! So the technician scrubbed it all off, flushed the drainage system and tested out the pumps. It was a good decision to call for a check up because sediment can cause a clog which can lead to a flood. It's best to get your waterproofing systems checked up with us! 

Moisture Issue Solved in Holland, MA

This basement in Holland, MA had a problem relating to humidity. The spring going into summer months for this homeowner tend to be very humid inside and outside the his home. The problem is the moisture getting into the foundation which creates a musty, damp environment. We provided our best solution for the job by lining up the walls with our CleanSpace wall vapor barrier to prevent moisture from passing through. As well as installing our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to eliminate any water vapor in the air! The relative humidity is now lowered thanks to our products, and this homeowner can live on with a peace of mind. 

Vapor Barrier in West Springfield, MA

This homeowner in West Springfield, MA had a growing concern about water damage to his house after seeing water make its way through the walls. He knew about our waterproofing services and gave us a call. When our inspector visited the home to give a free estimate, the plan that was drawn up was to apply CleanSpace wall vapor barrier to the foundation wall. An agreement was made and the production crew then lined up the walls with our vapor barrier product! It brightens up the walls while helping reduce the chances of mold growth, which is very good for the longevity of basements! 

New Drainage System in Natick, MA

When this homeowner called from Natick, MA, he was asking us about our drainage systems since he had no way to channel all the water to his existing sump pump. We had an inspector visit the home to see what system would work best for this basement. It was unfinished, damp and had some surface water where the floor and wall of the foundation meet. For the solution, the inspector wrote out a proposal that included the production crew to install a WaterGuard interior drainage system inside the perimeter to collect and channel the water seepage to the sump pump. Due to gravity, water will make its way to the sump pump to be discharged away from the basement. This drainage system made a huge difference for this homeowner! 

SuperSump to the Super Rescue in Blandford, MA

A customer from Blandford, MA contacted our appointment center in regards of a water issue in his basement. He told us that water would build up in the corner, causing some wall damage that was unbearable to see! To prevent this from happening any further, our inspector suggested a SuperSump premier pumping system to go in the corner when he assessed the basement in person. 


A production team was then sent to the basement after the job was agreed upon. To begin, they located the wet corner, opened it up to place the SuperSump in, and connected the pump to the discharge line. Once everything was levelled out and measured, fresh concrete was poured over to finish the job! We are happy to have saves this customer's basement from the future horrors of water seepage! Call us if you have similar issues! 

SuperSump the Super Hero in Indian Orchard, MA

When this homeowner living in Indian Orchard, MA saw water all over his foundation floor, he knew that he needed a drainage system. When he contacted our appointment center, he sounded distressed and worried. One of our inspectors were able to visit his home to delivery the best solution to give the homeowner a peace of mind. The solution included our production team jackhammering the inside perimeter to install our WaterGuard interior drainage system. This non-clogging system sits sub-floor, collecting and moving the water to the SuperSump that was installed in the lowest spot in the basement. The discharge line from the SuperSump went up and out of the basement, ensuring the water does not make it's way back to the foundation. 


Call us if you want to prevent floods and mold growth in your basement! 

SuperSump the Super Hero in Indian Orchard, MA - Photo 1
Dehumidification in Russell, MA

When this homeowner noticed his basement was very humid, he called DryZone Basement Systems. We sent over an inspector to see how we can tackle this humid basement issue, and he proposed a quick and effective solution of our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier! The high efficiency mixed in with the ability to move 300 cubic feet of dry air around the space led to the homeowner agreeing to the job. 


A service technician swiftly came to the house days later to install the system. Once it was hooked up, it took about a week for all the humidity to become a figment of the homeowner's imagination! 

Maintenance Needed in Russell, MA

A customer from Russell, MA had an emergency call to our office in regards of her SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. She was worried about the efficiency of the system because it was making a strange noise. We immediately sent over a technician to carefully open up the system and observe the issue. He noticed how the filter was clogged with dust and debris! When this happens, it can reduce the efficiency of the dehumidifier. After a quick clean out and making sure the coils were clear, the system was back and ready to go again. This is just another example why having your system checked up by us is a good idea to make sure your home stays safe for the years to come! 

Flooded Basement in East Longmeadow, MA

A homeowner in East Longmeadow, MA had flooding in his basement and wanted a waterproofing company to help prevent this from happening again. Our inspector visited his home after he called our office for help, and a suggestion of a full perimeter WaterGuard interior drainage system, along with a TripleSafe sump pump. Both these products work well together, as the WaterGuard collects the water seepage, while the TripleSafe will push the water far and away from the basement. The homeowner just wanted to go with the TripleSafe sump pump, and we did no disappoint! Our production team jackhammered a sump pit made for the TripleSafe, placed the 3-pump system in and then created a discharge line to direct the water away! 

Flooded Basement in East Longmeadow, MA - Photo 1
Musty Basement Air in Chicopee, MA

A homeowner in Chicopee, MA had stress looming over her everyday until she finally called a waterproofing company to deal with her musty basement! She was unsure on the best dehumidifier to eliminate the humidity, and wasn't impressed by the store-bought ones you can get at a store. But when she came across our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier online, it was love at first sight! Our service technician was able to visit her and install the system that she desperately needed. After a week, the air in her basement was dry, clean and humid-free. She was impressed on how our system drains itself as well, giving her more reasons to be stress-free! 

Musty Basement Air in Chicopee, MA - Photo 1
Drainage Issue in West Springfield, MA

A homeowner in West Springfield, MA didn't have a proper drainage system to connect to his sump pump. This caused water sit in his basement, which can cause mold to grow. To make sure water is reaching the sump pump, we installed a WaterGuard interior drainage system to run inside the perimeter to collect the floor seepage. The seepage is then channeled to the sump pump to be discharged, keeping this basement dry. 

Damp Basement Issue in Westfield, MA

This damp basement in Westfield, MA was in critical condition because there was so much moisture and water in the area. When our inspector visited, he noticed several mold growth areas on the wooden support beams and saw puddles of water just sitting still on the floor. Standing water and moisture can cause serious mold growth and musty odors, so to prevent these issues from continuing, our production team installed a TripleSafe sump pump to discharge the water out the basement. To help get the water to the pump, we also installed a full perimeter WaterGuard interior drainage system, this will collect any floor and wall seepage and direct it to the sump pump. Lastly, moisture was still an issue, so we plugged in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to fight off the humidity with dry, clean air! 

Sagging Floor Saved in Three Rivers, MA

A homeowner from Three Rivers, MA wanted to fix his sagging floor that was in his kitchen. Under the floor, our systems design specialist took a look at the floor joists and noticed how much damage was caused to the joists. This caused the specialist to suggest SmartJack floor support system for this sagging floor. The reason being, this is a permanent, strong solution that will stabilize and raise the floor back to its original spot. The homeowner wanted to proceed with the job and sooner than later, a production crew came to go to work.


They spotted the weakened beam, installed multiple SmartJacks to go under for the reliable support and the floor was back where it belonged! The homeowner was so thankful we stabilized his floor, he couldn't have imaged what he'd do if it collapsed! 

Sagging Floor Saved in Three Rivers, MA - Photo 1
Crawlspace Success Story in Portsmouth, RI

This homeowner from Portsmouth, RI was looking to insulate his damp crawlspace. As time progressed, the more moisture that got into his crawlspace, the more humid it got. To prevent any future humidity, we performed a deep clean in this crawlspace, taking out the debris. Once that was done, the area was set up for an encapsulation job! The crew swiftly covered every inch of the floor with CleanSpace vapor barrier to provide a layer that will stop moisture from entering. To assist the CleanSpace in combating the humidity, we installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier as well to push out dry, healthy air! 

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