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Before and After Pictures from Plymouth
Crawl Space in Plymouth, MA

Crawl Space in Plymouth, MA

Before After
Crawl Space in Plymouth, MA Crawl Space in Plymouth, MA

The home knew he had to fix up the crawl space under his home. There was poor insulation and the floors were very drafty. Even on really cold days there were pipes freezing and it become a major issue. DryZone Basement Systems was able to help with a crawl space encapsulation. 

CleanSpace in Plymouth, MA

CleanSpace in Plymouth, MA

Before After
CleanSpace in Plymouth, MA CleanSpace in Plymouth, MA

The customer in Plymouth, MA wanted to encapsulate his crawl space and solve the issue of drafty floors and moisture and humidity problems. They found DryZone Basement Systems online and called for a free estimate. The crawl space was about three to four feet tall with a dirt floor. Our system design specialist Patrick Cahill met with the home owner, inspected the crawl space and went over the benefits of encapsulating the crawl space. 

Crawlspace Insulation in Plymouth, MA

Crawlspace Insulation in Plymouth, MA

Before After
Crawlspace Insulation in Plymouth, MA Crawlspace Insulation in Plymouth, MA

This crawlspace in Plymouth, MA was a cold, damp mess before DryZone stepped in. Poor insulation falling was creating chaos and by being on the ground instead of the ceiling of the crawlspace, it wasn’t doing its job to protect the home’s floors from the cool air below. Once we got our inspector and crew in the space, we were able to transform it into a clean, dry area with the help of CleanSpace, a SaniDry Dehumidifier, and Rim Joist spray insulation.

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The cleanup process was perfect, I didn't have to clean up anything after Nick left!...
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Reviews From Plymouth
Testimonials From Plymouth
Great experience and very professional service. Steve and Kyle, were excellent, neat and finished on time...
Testimonial by Sarah D. from Sagamore Beach, MA
The crew was knowledgeable, on time and pleasant.
Testimonial by Mike M. from Plymouth, MA
Salesman did his job, I bought the product! Crew was very good and you were able to install promptly.
Testimonial by David T. from Plymouth, MA

Trusted Basement Waterproofing Contractor & Crawl Space Repair Company in Plymouth, Massachusetts

There are many causes for a wet basement. Poor drainage, foundation cracks, a bad sump pump. Name it and we have seen it. Having water in your Providence basement or crawl space can lead to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues. It also leads to a reoccurring headache for you. Luckily, our trained waterproofing experts are available to permanently fix the problem.

We will properly install a hidden drainage system in your Plymouth basement and completely encapsulate your crawl space with CleanSpace vapor barrier. We are here to solve the problem for you.

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  • Lifetime Warranty on all Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
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Case Studies From Plymouth
This homeowner in Plymouth, MA was worried with the amount of water lurking around her unfinished basement. She had bought this home 2 years ago, and...
Job Stories From Plymouth, MA
Stopping Foundation Settlement in Plymouth, MA

This homeowner from Plymouth, MA wanted to stop any further damage to his foundation. The issue was, it was settling and there were giant wall cracks in his basement to prove it. This basement needed a solution like our PushPiers, and that's exactly what we were able to provide!


Our team got access to the outside perimeter of the basement by excavating the soil, after they placed metal brackets at certain points so they can drive steel piers into the ground until they reach bedrock. Once the brackets were set up and the piers were in place, we transferred the weight of this home through the piers and onto the soil. This resulted in a stable foundation that won't undergo future settlement! Now that this foundation is in place, the homeowner was relieved about the structural integrity of his home! 

Discharge Line Job in Plymouth, MA

A homeowner from Plymouth, MA wanted to extend her discharge line that went outside. Where it was at the time, it was still too close to the house which meant the water would come right back into the foundation. Our production team swiftly arrived to the house, dig a trench that extended the discharge line by an extra 20 feet and covered it up with dirt! To top it off, they installed a LawnScape outlet so that the water can disperse evenly. If you want any of your waterproofing systems upgraded or to be looked at, give us a call! 

Vapor Barrier Saves Basement in Plymouth, MA

A customer in Plymouth, MA was in contact with our appointment center because he wanted a waterproofing solution that will fix the damp issue he's been enduring for years! The cause of the dampness was due to multiple things, as found from our inspector that visited the home to create the plan. First, there was no drainage system to channel any water and then the house itself was so old that there were many spots for water intrusion. Once the root of the issue was identified, we installed a WaterGuard interior drainage system to gather and channel that water seepage straight to the homeowner's current sump pump. This will help avoid any high humidity or water pooling up! We encourage you to come to us for any waterproofing concerns within your foundation! 

Vapor Barrier Saves Basement in Plymouth, MA - Photo 1
Leaking Basement In Plymouth, MA

This customer in Plymouth, MA was experiencing a leak in his unfinished basement. Eventually, there were sections of the floor that was gradually building up puddles. This was a result of not having a sump pump system installed which helps prevent floods from happening. To make sure this basement doesn't get ruined in the near future, our inspector went straight to the basement to discuss and draw up a plan that will deal with the water. After observing where the water comes from, the inspector had a production crew jackhammer a sump pit to place our TripleSafe sump pump in. This system is designed to discharge water during heavy rainstorms and power outages due to the battery backup pump. For the walls that were holding in moisture, we covered them up with CleanSpace wall vapor barrier to block any outside moisture trying to get in. This customer was very happy with our waterproofing system because he was irritated with all the standing water before! 

Leaking Basement In Plymouth, MA - Photo 1
Plymouth, MA Basement Waterproofing

A customer from Plymouth, MA contacted us in regards of his half finished basement. When talking to us, he noted that it's always been damp with a musty smell. He also saw water seeping through the walls which is not a sight anybody wants to see! To begin the process, we sent an inspector to t he home to do a thorough evaluation and wrote up a proposal. The customer decided to go with the suggestions and wanted to proceed with the installation process. Our production team installed CleanSpace wall vapor barrier, an UltraSump sump pump, an IceGuard and a WaterGuard interior drainage system. Now, the water that seeps through will be collected and discharged, where it will be properly dispersed into land far away. 

Water Near Oil Tank In Plymouth, MA

A homeowner in Plymouth, MA was getting lots of water coming into the basement around his oil tank and was getting concerned it would cause rust. We had an inspector take a look at the issue and he noticed all the water that was surrounding the tank. He immediately proposed to apply CleanSpace vapor barrier under and around the tank, then install a WaterGuard interior drainage system around it to collect all the water that was getting through into the area. This is exactly what the homeowner needed and said yes to the job. Our production crew placed CleanSpace at the designated area to keep out moisture and made a trench in front of the tank to install the WaterGuard in. Now, this homeowner won't have to worry about his oil tank being ruined! 

Water Near Oil Tank In Plymouth, MA - Photo 1
Leaking Foundation In Plymouth, MA

A homeowner from Plymouth, MA noticed there was water seeping through a crack in his foundation wall. We sent one of our inspectors to come up with a waterproofing plan for him, and he insisted that we install our TripleSafe sump pump and connect it to the WaterGuard interior drainage system. At the time being, he only wanted to go through with the sump pump due to budgeting reasons, so our production crew began to make a sump pit at a low spot in the basement. Once that was finished, they placed the TripleSafe's liner in, along with the three sumps it comes with. The primary pump, secondary pump and battery backup pump incase of a power outage. Once that was finished, they filled in the rest of the pit with stone and covered it with concrete. The homeowner was very pleased to have a reliable sump pump to discharge water now. 

TripleSafe Installed In Plymouth, MA

This homeowner from Plymouth, MA called us to see if we could solve this water issue she was having. There was water coming in through the cracks of the foundation, and it was causing puddles of water to form. Luckily, our production crew installed a TripleSafe sump pump for her that will discharge all the water that she's been seeing. They jackhammered a sump pit, placed the liner in, then installed the primary pump, secondary pump and battery backup electrical pump to complete the process! Now, she can live with a peace of mind. 

SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier In Plymouth, MA

A homeowner in Plymouth, MA had mold slowly growing onto the wooden frames in his basement. If he didn't stop this issue as soon as possible, there could be a possible structural collapse. Our inspector went over to the source of the issue and found that this basement could use the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. So a production crew began the installation process! Now, there is no dampness, moisture and the relative humidity level is below 55%! 

CrawlSpace Completely Changed In Plymouth, MA

A homeowner in Plymouth, MA needed help with her crawlspace because it was getting damp, moist and started to smell funny. We had one of our inspectors go straight to the scene, and he had our production crew install a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to control humidity, SilverGlo wall insulation to reflect heat back into the crawlspace and line up the whole area with CleanSpace vapor barrier to disallow moisture in! Now, this crawlspace has a full waterproofing set to stay dry and happy during all the seasons! 

Vapor Barrier Needed In Plymouth, MA

A homeowner located in Plymouth, MA called us about his smelly crawlspace. The odor coming from the area was unbearable, and he wanted to find a way to seal it up. Luckily, our licensed inspector took a look and right away had our production crew encapsulate with CleanSpace vapor barrier. This thick polyethylene barrier provides protection from pests and moisture keeping the humidity levels low and cleaner! 

Vapor Barrier Needed In Plymouth, MA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Plymouth, MA
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
We have a house on Big Sandy Pond. Our crawl space is very damp, under the house. We have insulation that is old and deteriorated. The result is that the house is musty smelling.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Leaking foundation with a sloped driveway towards the house. Water in the basement.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
My house is on a hill and the run-off has saturated the soil on two sides of the home. Appears the water is penetrating the concrete and the basement is wet - constantly in the summer. I have a small dehumidifier running to help but the water/wet is significant.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
TIME SENSITIVE - Would like estimate by Friday morning, if possible. We have extended an offer on a house that has a floor crack with displacement and some cracks that show water leakage. When someone contacts me, I can send the relevant portions of the home inspection report. Thanks!
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
We have a foundation leak in our basement
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Looking for an estimate for waterproofing my concrete crawlspace. Water is leaking into it.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Looking to get a quote to improve our crawl space.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Comment: Service CS Source Facebook/Instagram Subject: Dryzone BS CS Leads Oct/Dec 2022
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Water in basement possibly from old crack in foundation wall. Also, low spot in basement corner from either former foundation repair or hydrostatic pressure secondary to heavy heavy rain or poor property drainage.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Leak in basement in corner, crack in foundation.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Need whole home or whole basement dehumidifier.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Our basement is very old and exposed brick/cement. When we get lots of rain and or snow melt and both water starts to fill in spots. We have a wet vac bit I'm worried about mold and if it is ruining the foundation.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Past mold problems that have been remediated. Need crawl space encapsulated so I can finish basement
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
We have two separate crawl spaces under our house. In one of the crawlspaces, the insulation has fallen down. I'd like to get the old insulation removed and have new insulation put in and netted or somehow attached to the "ceiling" of the crawlspace. This crawlspace also needs to be better closed to the outside - maybe a mesh screen or something. The other crawlspace has a vapor barrier but I think I need to get it dehumidified. Was hoping to get a quote for these tasks from you guys!
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
I just bought a house that has a window in the basement, it does not have a proper window well installed, so I would like to get one to prevent any leaks.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
We recently purchase the home and there are two crawl spaces with dirt floors that need to be repaired / insulated / sealed. There is dampness in the house & critters. Thanks!
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
I have a Liberty Pro 380 system. It is working fine but would like to install a battery backup in case the electrical power goes out. Also would consider a backup pump as well.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Requesting an estimate for a basement waterproofing.
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Leaking basement. Older stone foundation
Project Location: Plymouth, MA
Hello, Our office is an antique and has a crawl space under a portion of the building. We are looking for an estimate on a vaper barrier and perhaps a dehumidifier. Thank you, Adrienne
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