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Learn more about DryZone Basement Systems' recent work requests in Warwick, RI
Vicinity of Apple Tree Lane in Warwick
Water in basement. Chronic problem. Need long term solution. Please contact me. Thx
Vicinity of Passeonquis Dr in Warwick
We have water in the basement, would like an estimate on french drains and/or a sump pump
Vicinity of Point Ave in Warwick
Just purchased a home that has an existing 1/2 hp pedestal pump in a makeshift hole in unfinished basement. The day we moved in, there was water everywhere. I believe there may be pressure under the house that could be causing an issue. Would like to get a free estimate to determine what can be done to prevent further flooding.
Vicinity of State Street in Warwick
Looking to replace the vapor barrier in my crawlspace under my house. Roughly 30 x 30. Looking for estimate
Vicinity of Grand Avenue in Warwick
Water in basement
Vicinity of Longwood Avenue in Warwick
Waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Arnolds Neck Drive in Warwick
I have a crawl space that gets a good amount of moisture due to the high humidity levels. I am interested in different options for my space. It is a small area. How much would encapsulation cost?
Vicinity of CEDAR POND DR, in Warwick
I have recently placed an offer on a house, and just had an inspection done last week. One of the major issues that came up was regarding the crawl space. The inspector found mold as well as ground water in the crawl space, as well as issues with the floor joists and the foundation. The seller states that they are willing to address these issues, and your company came highly recommended to me by a friend.
Vicinity of Rlkland Rd in Warwick
I want to explore my options to waterproof my basement.
Vicinity of Sawyer in Warwick
The crawl space we want to encapsulate is probably around 600 square feet.
Vicinity of Tiffany Ave. in Warwick
I have a sump pump that failed last week and drenched the basement carpet/padding. Carpet/padding pulled up and gone... but I am looking to have someone come and check out my sump pump (which is now working after i gave a slight lift to the pvc pipe it's attached to) and potentially provide routine maintenance to the pump. I don't think it's been inspected or looked at in more than 10 years. Thanks
Vicinity of Fair Street in Warwick
Need sump pump install
Vicinity of Peace St in Warwick
Water coming in between wall and floor of basement. Bulkhead in back of the house also leaks every time we get heavy precipitation
Vicinity of Lisa Ln in Warwick
I get water in my basements during rain storms, I am interested in a drain/sump pump systems, I am also interested in a dehumidification system.
Vicinity of Edison Street in Warwick
Looking to waterproofing/leveling the basement floor and fixing walls.
Vicinity of Stiness Dr in Warwick
I purchased a home built in 1989 that has a sump pump in the lower level. Previous owner bought the pump, attached a garden hose to it, ran it out through a hole in the wall and have a plywood cover over the water receptacle. Works great, except for winter months, then I have to pull the hose in regularly to let it thaw and put it out again. (I also have the dehumidifier draining directly into the water receptacle). I would really like to have something a bit more professional going on with the pump!! Thanks!
Vicinity of Wingate Ave. in Warwick
On heavy rains, water is seeping in the basement in one spot.
Vicinity of Dan St in Warwick
Foundation issues discovered in crawl space under house during home inspection
Vicinity of in Warwick
900 sf Gaspee house with 3'-4' crawl space. Home Inspector recommended a vapor barrier due to moisture
Vicinity of Fairfax Drive in Warwick
Looking to get an estimate on waterproofing my basement to avoid water entering into the basement in the future.
Vicinity of Manolla Ave in Warwick
Area in basement were water is coming up threw floor
Vicinity of Higney Ave in Warwick
Crawl space at the above address needs a sump pump and vapor barrier installed. The area is approximately 1000 sq ft. I'm looking for a quote and an estimated start and completion date. Thank you, Jim
Vicinity of Post Road in Warwick
Leaking basement/bulkhead walls
Vicinity of Charlotte Drive in Warwick
Would like to make the basement a more functional space (storage, laundry, possibly a home office or small home gym). Thank you.
Vicinity of Lawn Ave in Warwick
*basement floor - needs new concrete *sump pump needed
Vicinity of Millard Ave in Warwick
Small crack in foundation needs repair. Crawl space needs water-proofing.
Vicinity of Vaughn Ave in Warwick
Water proofing and partial basement finish
Vicinity of in Warwick
I need an estimate for waterproofing and sump pump install for my house. Thank you!
Vicinity of Namquid Drive in Warwick
Crawl space has no ventilation. Needs some excavation/vapor barrier and re support.
Vicinity of Overton St in Warwick
Fixing flooded basment
Vicinity of Lloyd Ave in Warwick
Basement finishing
Vicinity of River Vue Ave in Warwick
I need an estimate to install a French drain and properly install a sump pump in this house. Basically, water comes in the spring when the levels get higher. Rest of the year is no problem! Maybe you can suggest another method? I have no idea but I may have to fix...I am selling this house. Thank You
Vicinity of Spadina Ave in Warwick
Looking at purchasing a house and noticed that the sump pump was older, was just wondering on the cost of getting it replaced.
Vicinity of Parkview Dr in Warwick
Want to get an estimate to cure a high watertable with sump pump and water leaking in basement. Need an estimate and cost to cure.
Vicinity of Black Creek Lane in Warwick
Seeping in along abasement wall
Vicinity of Everill St. in Warwick
I currently have water coming up through a crack(s) in the cement slab. I'm interested in a repair and learning about options for long term mitigation. A combination of drains and a sump solution perhaps?
Vicinity of Adrian St in Warwick
Water intrusion in basement after heavy rains.
Vicinity of Naushon Ave. in Warwick
Crawl space supports and vapor barrier needs
Vicinity of Cromwell Ave in Warwick
Can be done after the rush of this rain. need to get estimate first. old stone wall cellar with cement floor, plug nearby
Vicinity of Burgoyne Drive in Warwick
I would like to get a free estimate on foundation repair/waterproofing. We are having issues with the basement flooding and water seeping thru the foundation. As soon as possible Please!
Vicinity of Centerville Rd in Warwick
Dear Sirs, This is a house I want to purchase. However, the basement looks have water issue. I would like to know if you can come over and take a loot. I would like to know how much it might cost to fix it. Thank you,
Vicinity of Spectacle Ave in Warwick
We are looking to re-carpet and paint our 1/2 finished basement and would like to receive a free no-obligation basement waterproofing estimate & inspection. We are new owners to this house.
Vicinity of Quinto St in Warwick
When it rains the basement gets water in it. We have a sump pump but I would like to use the basement as another room. What can I do?
Vicinity of Hawthorne Avenue in Warwick
We have recently added a basement to our home. We have a sump pump and leech field. The water in our backyard is causing a problem for us and our neighbors. We need immediate help. Thanks.

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