How We Are Taking Precautions to Protect Employees and Customers During Pandemic

   The past year has been a learning experience for all, including DryZone Basement Systems. We are taking measures to protect employees, customers and our community amid concerns of the novel CoVid-19 virus.

   In our office, everything is sanitized on a daily basis, with frequent deep cleanings. Employees are required to wear a barrier mask in the break and meeting room, in the office and at all times in the shop. We are encouraging hand hygiene including frequent hand washing and sanitizing. We require employees who do not feel well to stay home until they have had a negative CoVid test and are feeling better.

   In an effort to keep our customers protected, we are offering contact-free home estimates and are willing to go over job proposals via the phone or Zoom. Our system design specialists will sanitize their hands and wear a mask before they enter your home. Every member of the installation team wears a mask at all times, whether in the shop loading materials for the day, riding in the trucks to a jobsite and especially while in the homes of our customers while performing work. There is a zero tolerance policy for not following these guidelines, even if a customer feels comfortable with the team being unmasked.

   We take everyone's wellness very seriously, so rest assured that you and your family are in good hands in these uncertain times when working with DryZone Basement Systems.

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