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Crawl Space Moisture in Great Barrington, RI

This homeowner from Great Barrington, MA was on the lookout for proper insulation to keep his moist crawl space in better shape. His old debris was falling apart and unfortunately grew mold, so he definitely needed something new! Luckily, our team responded with an installation of SilverGlo wall insulation! This is our radiant heat barrier that is perfect for keeping any crawl space at a consistent temperature all year long! It can also prevent moisture seepage to help reduce the chances of mold growth! 

Dirty Crawlspace In Ashland, MA

This homeowner from Ashland, MA was not happy with his dirty crawlspace. It was cold and had a strange smell. We were able to solve his issue by encapsulating the crawlspace with CleanSpace vapor barrier that will ensure no moisture gets into the area. Also, we installed SilverGlo wall insulation to reflect heat back into the crawlspace. 

Basement Wall Insulation in Kingston, MA

SilverGlo is a panel with foam insulation that is infused with graphite to drive up the "R" value up approximately 24% over conventional foam insulations. The silver foil that can be seen adds reflective properties. SilverGlo is used to stop heat flow through basement walls and it made a huge improvement in this home's basement in Kingston, MA.

New Insulation and Vapor Barrier in Norwell, MA

A customer from Norwell, MA wanted to add insulation into his basement, but didn't want the type get gets moldy and falls apart quick. So once our inspector visited him to discuss a solution, they ended up finalizing on a SilverGlo wall insulation and CleanSpace vapor barrier job. The SilverGlo went into the wall to act as insulation, but also a reflective heat barrier for the basement! Then the CleanSpace provides a strong layer of polyethylene to keep moisture out. 

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