DryZone Basement Systems Case Studies: Encapsulating a Summer Home in Pocasset, MA

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 by Rachel Post


For Jim’s summer home in Pocasset, MA, the crawlspace was beginning to develop a little bit of mold from all the moisture inside and he knew that would cause him problems in the future if he didn’t address it soon. They had recently closed off the crawlspace to save on heating but it was never properly sealed, letting water in and trapping moisture from easily venting out. Jim knew encapsulating the space was a major key to control the moisture and end the mold growth.


Our inspector Rick went out to the home and measured the crawl to write up a proposal for Jim, one that he would be happy with and he was! At the install, Ricky and his crew got to work. They first started with a prep layer of CleanSpace matting that will help for easy draining of any water underneath the CleanSpace barrier that goes over it. Then Rim Joist insulation spray was used to insulate and seal the encapsulation in the crawlspace. Jim was thrilled to get the work done and was very happy with the outcome!

Project Summary

Inspector: Rick Bureau

Foreman: Ricky DeOliveira

Products Installed: CleanSpace Vapor Barrier and Rim Joist Insulation

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