DryZone Basement Systems Case Studies: Mattapan, MA Humidity Control

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 by Rachel Post


When this homeowner in Mattapan, MA was feeling a lot of moisture in her basement, she started looking into a strong dehumidifier that could take care of that issue. In her search, she landed at DryZone’s website and did some reading on the SaniDry dehumidifiers we offer. After a call in, we got her scheduled with an inspector to check out the basement and educate her more on the systems we offer. At the appointment she really liked what she heard about the system and was completely on board, they planned where the system would go and how they could get it to function in more than one room with the use of ducts.


At the install, our foreman Kyle and his crew prepped the area and got the unit into the basement, an easy install where the collected moisture could drain right into her existing sump pump. The inspector noted that the homeowner wanted the dehumidifier in a separate room so it could be hidden for guests, so the crew added the ducts and vented them to the next room. With those ducts, she could dehumidify two rooms with one unit with how strong it is. She loved it and was so happy with the outcome, which makes us here at DryZone happy as well!

Project Summary

Foreman: Kyle Borges

Products Installed: SaniDry Dehumidifier with Ducts

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