DryZone Basement Systems Case Studies: Foundation Crack Repairs in East Bridgewater, MA

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 by Courtney Kuzmich


Robert reached out to DryZone Basement Systems in April of 2017 after a weekend of very heavy rains. His concern were two cracks that had periodically had minor leaks over the years. With this one particular rainstorm, a lot of water came in. He was looking for a company that would guarantee and warranty their work. He had tried many other 'band-aid' solutions that kept the water at bay for a while. The most recent was a sticky, blue epoxy tape.  When that didn't work, he decided to throw in the towel and call the professionals.


This customer wanted a solution to his water problem which is what DryZone was able to provide. In order to do that, first, we had to remove a small section of concrete at the base of the crack to dig out a dry well for water to go into. We then filled the well with crushed stone and repoured the concrete, leaving only a small gap. The crack was injected with a sealant and then covered by a mold and mildew resistant layer and a foam layer between that and the wall. The foam layer creates a space for water to flow down the wall and into the dry well where it enters back into the soil. Water from the crack could now seep in and be removed from the home without ever been seen or heard. This solution is called FlexiSpan Crack Repair. If the wall crack expands or moves, the home will continue to be protected. We warranty our FlexiSpan crack repair for the lifetime of the home and this warranty is transferable to a new homeowner at any time. This solution does not require any kind of maintenance. 

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