Customer Experience Summit 2022

Customer Experience Summit 2022!

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In November of 2022, a customer experience summit was held in the Bridgewater office. For every company, it is key to highlight the importance of customer service. There is no better way to host a customer experience summit than to create a fun and engaging day out of it!   


Before getting a good insight on how the day will go, the employees were greeted with various snacks and drinks to start the morning off right. Once everybody was settled, Tom Mathews, the general manager of DryZone Basement Systems, gave everybody a warm welcome. Eventually, the employees were broken up into several groups to get the day started.


There were five unique stations for the workers to enjoy. A fun Family Feud game relating to topics about customer service, a "what would you do in this scenario" activity, a slideshow presentation covering customer reviews, a music video station and a ted talk video. Employees were able to use teamwork, critical thinking and active listening to make the most out of each station! 


Across the whole company, we are committed to excellence within ourselves and our customers. This customer experience summit gives everybody the opportunity to learn about each other more and how we can keep providing WOW service! It's no surprise that the day ended with all smiles and laughter. We are so grateful from this experience and are looking forward to keep being the best for our customers!


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