Huge Crawlspace Success!

Huge Crawlspace Success! 

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At DryZone Basement Systems, we work with all kinds of unique basements and crawlspaces. Many of these spaces come in different shapes and sizes, but this particular job was one of our biggest ones.


A restaurant owner in Coventry, RI gave DryZone Basement Systems a call for a basement waterproofing system. They were looking for a way to give this massive crawlspace a vapor barrier, along with a way to discharge the water from the space. Here's what we did to transform this damp crawlspace into a dry one!


Debris Removal

The crew did an excellent job removing debris from the whole crawlspace. To start most jobs, it's best to completely get rid of old trash, building debris or any other junk that blocks access within the space. Removing debris also minimizes the strange odors lurking around. 

TripleSafe Sump Pump Installation

Without a sump pump, there's no way to discharge water out of the crawlspace. Our crew installed the TripleSafe sump pump at the lowest point of the crawlspace, so that water drains towards it. We knew this sump pump would be the right fit because it provides three levels of protection. A primary pump that discharges 2,220 gallons of water per hour, a secondary pump that discharges up to 3,900 additional gallons if the primary fails and a battery backup system that pumps more than 11,500 gallons in case of a power outage. 

CleanSpace Vapor Barrier

In order to keep this massive crawlspace protected from mold, moisture and rot, we applied 5,120 square feet of CleanSpace onto the ground. This durable white liner does a great job at preventing water vapor and humidity from passing through! This also makes it difficult for pests to come through, which is essential for keeping a restaurant clean.

SmartJack Installation

Lastly, a part of the first floor was sagging down into the crawlspace. Understanding that this crawlspace plays a huge role in this restaurants' structure, it's important to make sure it doesn't collapse. Our crew did a wonderful job at installing 9 SmartJacks. These give the sagging floor a fully adjustable steel pier so that the part of the sagging floor could be raised to the proper level. 


Servicing a house is one thing, but to do a restaurant takes a lot of attention, material and work. Our crew of Carlos, Scott, Alex, Connor and Casey did an outstanding job at fully encapsulating this crawlspace. We are looking forward to providing more WOW service to customers! 

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