Why Go To A Basement Waterproofing Company?

Basement waterproofing creates a peace of mind for homeowners because they avoid potential hazards for their own health and the house itself. Water is crucial for our everyday health, but once it gets in your basement it becomes an enemy. A small puddle, or even a wall crack may look little in size, but the problem could be much bigger than that. Here are several reasons why you should go to a waterproofing company to save your basement.


Keeps Moisture Out

The last thing people need in their basement is moisture. Waterproofing will ensure that no moisture is able to enter your basement or crawlspace. If somebody finished their basement without dealing with moisture problems then mold could start growing within the drywalls. Moisture is tiny drops of water that can be in the air, on a surface or in the ground. Sometimes it won't be that easy to tell if moisture is in the basement, so here are signs to look out for to help identify it:

  • Damp and humid air
  • Musty smell
  • Condensation on walls
  • Stained walls
  • Rotting joists
  • Water coming out of walls
  • Puddles of water on floor


Reduce The Chances of Flooding

You could be living your everyday life normally and all it takes is one severe storm to cause a flood in your basement. Waterproofing greatly decreases the risk of floods since it can either prevent or discharge any water seeping in. One of the best ways to reduce a flooding is by installing a sump pump strong and reliable enough to keep pumping out any water that does enter the basement. We recommend our TripleSafe sump pump that comes with a primary pump, secondary pump and a battery backup pump in case of power outages! 


Keeps Basement Dry

A dry basement can be useful for many things; A hangout spot, a storage area or even a workout place. When you waterproof your basement, you're keeping it dry from the outside environment. For every homeowner, it would be very ideal for them to have a basement where they can make a use out of it and not have to worry about a flooding. One of the best solutions to ensure the basement stays as dry as possible is to install a perimeter drainage channel to collect water and move it to the sump pump. Many homeowners have come to us for our WaterGuard interior drainage system that serves the same purpose. We highly recommend getting one of these because it will take away the worry of puddles forming.


Protects Yourself and Your Home

You may no realize, but the conditions of your basement can effect the rest of the house. In the basement business, we are familiar to the term "stack effect" which is when hot air exits the house through the attic and new air gets pulled through the basement and back up. So essentially, the air you breathe in your kitchen is the same air in your basement. Obviously as air gets pushed up it'll dilute with the other air, but building scientists say that up to 50% of the air you breathe on the first floor came from the basement. So if you didn't waterproof your basement, you'd run the risk of breathing in air infested by mold and musty smells due to the moisture. As for your home itself, any organic material throughout the house could start to get moldy. Other than furniture, if mold gets onto the wooden building material then some costly structural damage could occur unfortunately. 


So moral of the lesson, waterproofing your house will help in the long run. 






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