Why Waterproofing Your Basement Increases The Home Value

Whenever you're thinking about doing home improvements to the house, it's best to think about some kind of return on investment. These projects can range from many things such as renovating a kitchen, fixing up the lawn or adding a new coat of paint. But there's one type of home improvement that would be a very smart investment to make, basement waterproofing.


From sealing wall cracks to installing sump pumps, basement waterproofing improves the quality of life for homeowners. When we think of basements, some people might just think it's a storage area nobody will really use, or just a cold dark room infested with insects. Every basement is different, it's important to know that the basement is a part of the home as well! Here are 5 reasons why waterproofing a basement increases the home value. 


1. Gives A Peace of Mind

One thing basement waterproofing will do is deliver a peace of mind for the homeowner. If you were a buyer, you'd more likely pick the house that doesn't flood in the basement or has severe water damage. There are high chances of groundwater seeping into the basement, which can cause moisture whenever the cold walls mix with the warm air. Moisture in a basement can cause mold to grow onto organic materials to damage them, give off a bad odor or make the room very humid. When taking the correct steps to waterproofing a basement, all of that moisture would be gone because a homeowner could've installed a sump pump, used a vapor barrier or even made a French drain system. Not worrying about those issues would make the home experience more peaceful and stress-free in the long run!

2. Increases Energy Efficiency 

Whenever there is a crack in your basement wall or floor, this can actually make your cooling and heating systems work almost overtime. When water vapor gets through small openings into the basement, it can create a humid environment. Due to this, your HVAC system will try to get rid of the humidity from the air. The only problem is that a damp basement will keep getting in moisture, so more energy is being used from the house. But by receiving professional services from a basement waterproofing company, they would be able to bring the humidity and energy bill down! 


3. Increases Livable Square Footage 

Waterproofing a basement means that the space becomes more livable for the homeowner. This increases usable square footage for the property which is a boost for the value. On top of that, if you wanted to take the steps even further and finish the basement with furniture, many home buyers will find that very attractive. If you didn't want to finish the basement, using it for storage purposes would still give it a meaningful purpose! All of the items stored wouldn't be damaged as well if the basement was correctly waterproofed. 


4. Strong Foundation

Any inclement weather that occurs wouldn't be much of a threat to a basement that has all cracks sealed and a sump pump system installed. Any water that would get through during these storms would be discharged away from the basement, preventing potential floods and water damage. The foundation would be able to withstand the outside environment which is key to helping the longevity of the house. 


5. Healthier Breathing Air

The way air travels through the house is interesting, but should also be taken in consideration when waterproofing. Due to the stack effect, when hot air leaves the attic and upper levels, a vacuum is made below sucking in new air from outside and through the basement to start the cycle over again. This means that up to 50% of the the air you breath on the first floor is coming from the basement. If the basement was getting moldy then you'd run the risk of breathing in gross unhealthy air. By getting a dehumidifier, installing vapor barriers and a sump pump, you would be decreasing the amount of moisture which causes mold to grow. 

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