Why Is There Water in my Basement?

Why Is There Water in my Basement? - Image 1


When homeowners see water lurking in their basement, this can be an alarming sight to see. If it helps, water in basements isn't uncommon, in fact, many homeowners experience this depending on their living location. Understanding how this unfortunate incident happens will help you or a contractor determine the type of solution needed. Here are the most common reasons for water entering into your basement! 


No Drainage or Sump Pump System

Having no drainage or sump pump system can cause havoc in your basement. Whenever the soil that surrounds your home gets very saturated from the rain, that water will go straight to the basement. Not having any way to collect the water seepage and then discharge it out the basement will lead to puddles forming, moisture getting in and floods! It's best to get both products together since they go hand in hand, preventing those events from happen. 

Plumbing Issues

To have water running through the house, you need proper plumbing. If there are any leaking pipes, a burst in the water heater or a sump pump failure then that could be the reason why there's water in your basement. If you notice any plumbing issues, it's best to fix them as soon as you can since it can lead to costly structural damages! 

Poor Grading

There are homeowners out there that have a surrounding terrain sloping downwards towards the home. When this is the case, gravity will naturally bring all the ground water around the house. And due to hydrostatic pressure going against the basement, water will eventually find an opening and seep right in. 

High Water Table

Another reason for water being in the basement could be a high water table. If the soil around your home is absorbent, a high water table can lead to structural issues and leaking water. When water tables receive more water than it can drain off due to high volumes of rain, they can grow and are described as "high". And when the water table is high, it is usually above the level of the basement floor or crawlspace. 


Floor and Wall Cracks

Maybe the most basic yet common reason water gets in the basement are because of cracks. Whether the cracks run down the wall or on the floor, the hydrostatic pressure forces water through these openings. And if the wall crack doesn't get repaired soon enough, the homeowner risks the crack getting bigger, resulting in more water or even a flood. 


Act Now and Waterproof!

Waterproofing your basement can help in the long run. Having a reliable sump pump or drainage system can make sure water won't live downstairs. By installing waterproofing systems, homeowners are also increasing the value of their house as well! 

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