4 Benefits of Window Well Covers

Window wells have the ability to enhance the appearance of your home and provide a type of waterproofing protection from the outside environment. If you are still second guessing whether you should get one for your home or not, here are four reasons why you should consider having one! 


4 Benefits of Window Well Covers - Image 1

Contribute to Energy Efficiency 

Window well covers can help keep the wind and moisture out. Basement windows aren't the best at keeping drafts out in the first place, but this will do the trick! By keeping drafts out of the area, window well covers help increase basement insulation while reflecting natural light back into the space. 

Providing Additional Security 

It will provide security not only from the weather, but from people as well! Basement windows tend to be targeted at times for burglaries, so having a window well adds an extra layer for the window, making it more difficult for the person to break in. 

Protection from Outside Environment

Like mentioned prior in the article, window wells protect the basement window from the outside environment. The structure of these covers keep water, moisture, wind and weeds out which can all damage the window. The fact that these are leakproof also mean that they help prevent basement flooding! 

They are Very Durable

Even though window well coverings look frail, they are surprisingly very strong. The outside fixtures are built to resist the various weather that occurs throughout the year, so the sturdy structure can continue to protect the basement window. 


It's very important to be aware of all sections of your home when waterproofing, especially the basement window! As a homeowner, protecting your home is the highest priority, and by installing window wells such as our SunHouse basement window enclosure system, you won't regret it in the long run! 


DryZone Basement Systems offers a professional installer to get this job done, as we are proud to be servicing homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island! 

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