The Long-Term Effects of Basement Water Damage

The Long-Term Effects of Basement Water Damage - Image 1

Basements are vulnerable to water intrusion, so the the possibility of water damage can be common for homeowners. As a responsible owner, you should understand the long-term effects of basement water damage to help safeguard your air quality and home. Here, we will discuss the dangers that emerge from untreated water damage and why basement waterproofing is essential! 


1. Weakened Foundation

Water infiltration will eventually weaken the foundation, which can lead to cracks forming on the floor and wall. Moisture and water are able to seep through these small openings.

2. Mold and Mildew Growth 

Moisture provides the perfect opportunity for mold and mildew to grow. These can cause allergies for anybody living in the house, but can also damage wooden materials and drywall. Mold can spread quicker than you think, so getting a vapor barrier or dehumidifier wouldn't be a bad idea! 

3. Electrical Hazards

Electricity and water don't mix well, and it's best to avoid mixing the two. When water gets into your basement, it can come in contact with an electrical system and appliances, which might cause a short circuit or electrical fire! Basement waterproofing will help prevent those dangers from occurring! 

4. Decreased Property Value

If water damage becomes persistent, it can lead to stains, peeling paint and musty odors. If you were to buy a home and the place had all three, you'd most likely look for a different house. Not only with just the looks, it can be a sign of concern for potential home buyers because they wouldn't want to risk their families' health. By calling a professional company like us, we will increase the property value. 

5. HVAC System Damage 

If water got into your HVAC ductwork, the metal components can get damaged and begin to deteriorate. This, along with the other water damages can lead to costly repair bills. 


Basement water damage may seem like a small puddle at first, but the long-term effects can turn that minor inconviencnece into a major one. Don't wait until the problem gets so bad to a point where it's unfixable. invest in a professional basement waterproofing company like us to ensure a safe, dry and happy home! 

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