The Reliable Vapor Barrier: CleanSpace

When it comes to basements, moisture seems to be the common enemy. It holds the ability to cause mold growth and structural damages which can be detrimental for any homeowner. But now enter CleanSpace vapor barrier, our state-of-the-art liner that keeps your basement dry and free of mold! But what exactly is CleanSpace and just how does it work? Well, you're about to find out! 


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What is CleanSpace?

CleanSpace is our high-quality vapor barrier that is made up of a thick polyethylene material to prevent moisture from passing through. It can be lined up against your foundation walls and can encapsulate your whole crawlspace. 

How Does CleanSpace Benefit Your Basement 

1. Moisture Barrier: CleanSpace is designed to prevent moisture from causing structural damages to your home. By sealing off your basement or crawlspace, it ensures that humidity can't enter the space. 


2. Mold Prevention: By keeping the moisture controlled, CleanSpace restricts mold growth since it needs a damp area to grow. As noted prior, the structural damages mold can cause can lead to costly repairs. So it's best to just prevent it with us!


3. Improved Air Quality: A dry basement means there won't be a sight of mold or mildew present, which can make the breathing air quality much healthier. If you wanted to keep improving on your air quality, you can also check out our Aspen Air Purifier as well! 


4. Energy Efficiency: By having our CleanSpace installed, cold drafts in the winter won't be able to get into your home. And for the summer, hot air will find it just as difficult. Because of this, the indoor temperature is more stable, reducing your energy bill! 


How is CleanSpace Installed? 

1. Preparation: The basement is cleaned out so that nothing is in the way of the production crew. It also ensures that none of the homeowners' items get damaged. 


2. Cutting and Measurement: The vapor barrier gets cut into the correct dimensions so it fits perfectly onto the foundation walls or crawlspace floor. 


3. Sealing: After everything was in place, the liner will then be sealed into the wall using fasteners. 


Final Thoughts

With CleanSpace, you're taking care of your home by preventing mold growth, musty odors and structural damages. It's a great way to give yourself a peace of mind while increasing the value of your home! We highly suggest calling us for a vapor barrier now so that you don't have to worry about these issues later! 


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