Signs You Need our TripleSafe Sump Pump

Imagine this, you're nice and comfortable in your living room drinking a cup of hot tea. All you hear are the rain drops hitting the roof of your house, but then, your hear a dripping sound coming from your basement. And out of nowhere, your basement is flooded! But as a basement waterproofing company, we want to tell you how our TripleSafe sump pump can allow you to sleep peacefully throughout the storm! Here's 5 signs that our sump pump is the solution for you. 


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1. Frequent Basement Flooding

One of the main reasons to get our sump pump is if your basemen keeps pooling up water after each rain storm. This is an obvious sign that water infiltration is a persistent issue. Our TripleSafe sump pump acts as your home's lifeline in these stressful situations. Due to the three-pump system, it can handle severe flooding, ensuring the basement stays dry. 

2. Basement Wall and Floor Cracks

Cracks in your foundation can be an intrusion point for water to enter. Whenever rain water seeps through, it could cause water damage and humidity levels to rise in your basement. Our TripleSafe addresses the seepage as soon as possible, pumping it out of the basement so that the water doesn't return again! 

3. Musty Odors and Mold Growth

Do you get a whiff of a musty, damp smell in your basement? Then there is a good chance that mold and mildew is taking over the space! This is a clear indication that there is an excessive amount of moisture lurking in the basement. Now due to the fact that our TripleSafe effectively discharges the water, its keeping the humidity levels low, which is a great way to reduce mold growth and musty odors. If you ever wanted extra protection against the humid, damp air, then our SaniDry Sedona is always a good addition as well! 

4. Valuable Items Stored in Basement 

If your basement has any valuable items such as family heirlooms, documents or cherished belongings, then water damage can cause emotional distress if a flood were to happen. It's best to not wait until a disaster strikes, so investing in our TripleSafe will keep these items safe from harm! 

5. Frequent Power Outages

Power outages during storms are very common, and regular sump pumps won't be able to work during these times since they rely on electricity. That's where our TripleSafe sump pump comes into play. Coming with an UltraSump backup battery pump, it turns on once the house loses power, ensuring that water will still be pumped out! 


Your home is one of the most valuable things one can own in their lifetime, by installing our TripleSafe sump pump, you're increasing the longevity of your home, increasing its value and giving yourself a peace of mind. Don't wait until the next storm to take action, contact us today for a free estimate on our sump pumps! 

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