Winter Wonderland Means Winter Waterproofing!

Winter Wonderland Means Winter Waterproofing! - Image 1


As November rolls around, people start to prepare for the festivities of various holidays, but with all of this happening it's easy to forget about the challenges that come with the damp and cold weather! During the winter, the temperature drops leading to wall cracks getting bigger, creating intrusion points for water seepage. This is because water can get into small wall cracks, and as the water freezes, it'll expand the crack! It may be best to view waterproofing in the winter as a necessity more than a recommendation. Here, we will discuss 4 key points of winter waterproofing!


1. Improved Basement Defense Against Damages

Foundations tend to get wall cracks as water begins to seep in due to hydrostatic pressure, and as stated before, when it freezes in the winter it can even expand the wall crack. So waterproofing your basement or crawlspace can save you from mold growth, structural damage and musty odors. 

2. More Precipitation

Depending where you live, winter can also be a very wet season with plenty of rain. This rain can turn into snow or hail, which eventually melts and turn into that lovely water that seeps into our foundations. An increase in precipitation is also an increased chance of damaged walls or floods! If you see water getting into your basement, especially during the cold months, it may be best to invest in our TripleSafe Sump System to discharge that water out! 

3. More Condensation

Mold tends to grow in areas that have condensation, such as our basements. This is because warm air mixes with the cold basement, causing condensation throughout the area. You can decrease the condensation build up with one of our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifiers! 

4. Lowers Heating Bills

Properly insulating your crawlspace is very beneficial during the winter months since it can lower your heating bill. When your crawlspace is insulated, it can retain heat, creating a warmer environment. By doing so, your heating bill will decrease since your furnace isn't working as hard. 

In Conclusion

Since we are an interior waterproofing company, we safeguard basements all year round, including the winter months! So while grandma is making her fruit cake for the holidays, you should be waterproofing your basement! Moisture, mold, floods and structural damage issues will all be prevented if you go to us!




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