Beat the Traffic: Advantages of Off-Season Waterproofing Inspections

Beat the Traffic: Advantages of Off-Season Waterproofing Inspections - Image 1


As the months close in towards the end of the year, the last thing on some homeowners minds may be their basements. But little do you know, this is a very ideal time to have a waterproofing inspection if you already own a waterproofing system. Here are 3 reasons why you should beat the traffic and get ahead of the line for inspections! 

1. Busy Spring and Summer

During the spring and summer, waterproofing companies like us can get our inspection schedules filled up fairly quickly. This is because rain storms often happen at this time of year, but by scheduling in the winter, your basement can be carefully assessed and inspected without the stress of a packed schedule. 

2. Snow Melting

Whenever the snow around your house melts, water will always try to find a way to seep into your foundation. By having one of our technicians inspect your waterproofing system in the off-season, we will make sure your sump pump, drainage system and dehumidifiers are all functioning to their best ability. Let's be honest, nobody wants basement issues during the holidays! 

3. Better Assessments 

In the winter months, it tends to get a bit drier due to the lack of rain. So for inspections, the drier it is in the basement, the easier it can be to identify potential issues such as wall cracks! This can save you lots of money in the future if you can identify these issues before the rain season comes! 


Think of inspections check ups like shopping, the earlier you beat the line, the better! So an off-season inspection date might suite you well if you wanted a peace of mind while celebrating the holidays! Not only will you be reassured you're safe for the winter, you're also preparing for the future rain storms coming up in the spring! So call us, and happy holidays! 









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