A Wet Basement Gets Waterproofed in Woods Hole, MA

It's always good to have a waterproofing system in your basement since it lowers the risk of mold growth, wood rot and musty odors. But when the system is old and failing, like this one in Woods Hole, MA, it's time to consider calling a company like us! Once the appointment was set for our system designs specialist to offer a solution, the process for a more improved waterproofing system began!


The Challenge

This homeowner had a company install this sump pump last year but it was continuously running! Turns out, the float switch was stuck in the "on" position, causing the system to always activate, which overran it. In addition, you can see how the sump pit is open which caused debris to fall in and clog the pump. 


 A Wet Basement Gets Waterproofed in Woods Hole, MA - Image 1



Our Solution

After a careful inspection, the systems design specialist created a plan to swap out their current sump pump with our TripleSafe sump pump! Designed with a primary pump, secondary pump and a battery backup, our TripleSafe will keep this basement dry during crazy storms and power outages. Many sump pumps systems only include one pump, but having additional help like ours ensures a reliable defense mechanism against constant water intrusion. 


CleanSpace was also included in the project to be the water vapor barrier this homeowner needed! Our basements can get humid if moisture or water vapor gets to abundant. So by placing CleanSpace onto the interior walls, we are blocking off any access to the outside environment, lowering the chances of mold growth and awful odors. 


The third component included in this magnificent waterproofing project is our WaterGuard system! Water gets in the basements, now where does it go? Ah yes, our sub-floor drainage system that sits inside the interior perimeter. For this home, a full perimeter installation was needed to make sure every drop of water was being collected by the WaterGuard, and then channeled to the TripleSafe! 



A Wet Basement Gets Waterproofed in Woods Hole, MA - Image 2



This homeowner was amazed with our work in the end! He went from 1 overran, broken sump pump to a complete waterproofing system keeping his basement nice and dry! We encourage you to take action like this homeowner did if you want a reliable waterproofing system. We want homeowners to feel safe and worry-free whenever the storm comes because your home deserves a dry life!




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