"Why Is My Crawl Space Humid?!"

Humidity in crawl spaces can be more than just annoying, it's poses a potential risk for homeowners if it's not taken seriously! These risks can range from health issues to structural damages, both which are no fun to deal with of course. In this blog, you will learn more on why your crawl space is in a humid state and introduce our effecting solutions for you such as our CleanSpace vapor barrier SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier and SilverGlo wall insulation! 


The Root Cause Of Crawl Space Humidity

Crawl space moisture can be formed by a numerous of factors such as ground moisture, outside water vapor and humid air getting into the crawl space; So pretty much anything that contains moisture. When the months gets warmer, humid air can enter crawl spaces and condense, which results in moisture building up. Also important to know, the dirt surrounding your foundation holds in moisture which can definitely seep its way into your crawl space.  

"What Happens if I Leave This Issue Alone?"

Health Concerns: Any place that is humid creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow in. If homeowners and their families breathe this in, it can create respiratory issues and allergies. 


Structural Damage:  When moisture gets onto the joists supporting your floors, it weakens the support strength, increasing the chances of the floor collapsing. If you notice your floor sagging down, you might want to check out our SmartJack floor support solution!


Energy Inefficiency: If your crawl space becomes too humid, it can cause your cooling system to work even harder in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. The more the cooling system works, the higher the energy bill. 

Our Solutions:



CleanSpace Vapor Barrier: This is our thick, durable liner that covers crawl space floor and walls. By providing a barrier that separates the earth from the home, moisture will be blocked off from entering your crawl space. When there's no moisture getting in, you can slowly wave goodbye to humidity!


SilverGlo Wall Insulation: To compliment the CleanSpace system, our SilverGlo wall insulation panels provides reliable insulation that will keep the crawl space in a temperature-controlled state. In addition, this will make crawl spaces more energy efficient over time since the heating and cooling systems wouldn't have to work so hard. 


SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier: As another layer of defense against humidity, our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier offers another energy efficient solution. This will keep the humidity levels more controlled to protect against the dangers of mold and mildew growth by pushing out dry air.

Transform Your Crawl Space with Us!

Our team is very skilled at crawl space encapsulations and are ready to tailor a solution that's made just for you! By incorporating CleanSpace, SilverGlo and the SaniDry Sedona, you're not only saving on energy bills, you're saving the structural integrity of your home! Don't let your crawl space humidity affect your health and home, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any crawl space concerns!




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