Is The Floor Above Your Crawl Space Sagging? Here's How We Can Help!

Have you noticed the floor above your crawlspace sagging down? Well, believe it or not, it's a very common issue! This can be very alarming for homeowners trying to maintain the structural integrity of their houses, so we're here to inform you on the causes of sagging floors and how we can provide a permanent solution! 

The Root of the Problem

Is The Floor Above Your Crawl Space Sagging? Here\'s how we can help! - Image 1


If your floor is sagging down a bit, there's a good chance that there's an excessive amount of moisture, weakened floor joists or poor support structures. These issues tend to be ignored until you notice the floor is uneven. By having our inspectors visit your home and identifying the root cause, they will be able to discuss the best solution for you and take measurements that will cater to your crawl space. Now, let's hop into the solutions!

SmartJack Floor Support Solution

Our SmartJack floor support system is specifically designed to provide permanent support to your crawl space and stabilize the floor above it. This reverses the damage of the sagging floor, eliminating the possibility of a collapse. This system is durable and offers flexibility since we can adjust these strong steel posts. This way, if the floor needs to be re-adjusted, we can send a team to do just that! 

CleanSpace Vapor Barrier

Moisture in crawl spaces is very common, yet also overlooked. You may not notice this being an issue until you smell a strange odor or even worse, see mold growing all over the area! When mold grows onto the floor joists, it causes it to rot, resulting in weak support. This is where our CleanSpace vapor barrier plays a key role in preventing those dilemmas! By fully encapsulating your crawl space, we are blocking off any access points for the outside moisture to seep in which is crucial for keeping the crawl space humid-free and safe from structural damage. Below is a picture of a fully encapsulated crawl space along with our SmartJacks! 


Is The Floor Above Your Crawl Space Sagging? Here\'s how we can help! - Image 2 

Don't Hesitate To Ask Us!

Your home is a valuable asset in your life, and every part, including your crawl space should be taken care of to live a stress-free life! With years of expertise and commitment to innovation, we at DryZone Basement Systems are dedicated to providing homeowners with a peace of mind. If you've experienced sagging floors or other signs of crawl space problems, we are the team for you! Remember, every crawl space is different, just like how every solution is different. We're here to ensure that we'll cater the best solution for your crawl space! 


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