How We Fixed a Sagging Floor in Fairhaven, MA

A homeowner in Fairhaven, MA called us to see if we could fix his sagging floor. He was a proud owner of this house, but since it was built in 1898, time had left its mark. The main beam and the columns holding up the floor had become outdated. Overall, the support structure wasn't as effective as it used to be. Let's show you exactly how we solved this issue to prevent structural damages! 

The Planning Phase

After an initial call was made to our appointment center, we were able to set up a day for one of our system design specialists to visit the homeowner and propose a solution catered to his basement. It's always best to have a professional take a look at your basement issues. Our team is able to spot any red flags before they get worse! After agreeing upon installing our SmartJack floor support system, a scheduled date was set for our production crew to revive this floor!

The Day of the Installation

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To address this sagging floor right away, our team installed 3 SmartJacks under a new steel beam. These strong steel supports are made to hold a large amount of weight, ensuring this floor will be permanently stable. In addition, these solutions are fully adjustable, so our team can tweak each support to provide the perfect amount of stabilization and lift. This homeowner won't have to worry about these corroding due to the galvanized coating they contain! 


We completely erased the anxiety and fear this homeowner had in his sagging floor after we installed our SmartJacks! He felt confident with his stabilized floor and was glad that this historic house will continue to stand strong! 

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