Bowing Wall Repair: How Our PowerBraces Are The Perfect Answer

When it comes to repairing foundation walls that have bowed in, homeowners want a solution that isn't to invasive with minimal disruption. That's where our PowerBrace wall support system comes in to to fix these concerns. This blog will explore how this system operates and why it's the best choice for your foundation repair needs. 

What Are PowerBraces?

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PowerBraces are our steel I-beam system that is made to put a halt and stabilize failing basement walls. Due to its unique design, we can also tighten the system over time to reverse the wall damage if the homeowner wants it done. This system gets anchored to the basement floor and the floor joists above it. This creates a sturdy frame to prevent the walls from going inwards even more. Once everything is all said and done, the walls are officially stabilized to reclaim the structural integrity of the foundation. 

Why PowerBraces?

- No Excavation

Unlike many other foundation repair methods, this system doesn't require any outside digging. This procedure will all be done inside, making it an ideal solution in case the outside isn't easily accessible. 

- Customizable and Scalable

For each PowerBrace job, we ensure that each steel I-beam is cut and fitted to the proper measurement of your basement. Every job is unique and different, so it's always good to have that adjustability for our installments. 

- Potential to Reverse the Wall Damage

Traditional methods may just only stop the bowing from happening, but our PowerBrace can also reverse the effects of the wall damage. If homeowners wanted to, they can have our team come back to tighten the system in effort to straighten the walls back to their original position. 

- Long-Term Solution

These PowerBraces are made in a zinc coating to resist corrosion. This will ensure that your wall support system remains durable for years to come because nobody wants a temporary solution! 


For any homeowner faced with a bowed or cracked foundation wall, our PowerBrace will provide a long lasting solution. The lack of disruption plus the possibility to reverse the wall damage is what makes this solution so unique and reliable! By choosing our PowerBrace, you're not just stabilizing your foundation, you're investing in your home's future! 

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