Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Crawl Space Repair in Portsmouth, RI!

Friday, November 1st, 2013 by Melissa Wilcox


A couple years after having plastic put down on the floor in the crawl space, our customer was still noticing musty smells upstairs and the wood in the crawl space was damp, warped and damaged. The moisture was also starting to ruin the insulation in the floor joist bays. This customer wanted a permanent solution to prevent the moisture from ruining the crawl space and musty smells permeating from the crawl space to the first floor.


Our Certified Waterproofing Professional, Dan Gallinger, met with the customer at their home. He proposed a permanent solution to encapsulate the entire crawl space using CleanSpace Crawl Space Liner. CleanSpace is a 20-mil vapor that our crew, led by Foreman Steve daSilva, installed on the floors and walls of the crawl space after removing the old plastic. The CleanSpace is completely sealed so moisture and musty smells from the dirt floor cannot cause wood rot or mold. The crawl space has become a usable space for storage.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: DryZone Basement Systems

System Design Specialist: Dan Gallinger

Products Installed: CleanSpace

Foreman: Steve daSilva

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