Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: West Yarmouth, MA Crawl Space Encapsulation and Spray Foam

Thursday, July 20th, 2017 by Courtney Kuzmich


In June 2017, Frank reached out to DryZone because they had a crawl space under their home that needed a vapor barrier and insulation. Being a home on Cape Cod, it was built on a cinder block foundation with sand as the floor. It was home to many of their utilities including their heating and hot water tank. Frank also used this part of his home for additional storage, as a last resort. Frank met with our system design specialist, Sam, and realized he didn't have to deal with the moist air in his home anymore.


Sam met with Frank just before the Independence day weekend and decided that removing all falling insulation and sub par existing vapor barrier would be a great place to start. Once that was taken out they could address the actual problems. We suggested CleanSpace, Drainage Matting and TerraBlock to start. Drainage matting creates a space underneath the CleanSpace that allows water to flow. It is puncture resistant and durable enough for general crawlspace wear and tear. TerraBlock is a flexible, foam insulation with a vapor barrier on both sides. It insulates the crawlspace floor beneath the CleanSpace. The last piece is the CleanSpace which is a 20 mil thick blastic vapor barrier. It is our heaviest liner and comes with a 25 year warranty.

Sam had also discussed with Frank using our spray foam technology to seal the air that escapes in and out through the rim joists. In the winter, the heating system works overtime (and the cooling system in the summer months) because outside air is constantly leaking into the home through the space between the foundation and the floor joists. This will lower Frank's heating and cooling costs over time and create a more comfortable enviornment in the whole home. Frank was very happy with his installation that he has since sent his neighbors to call on DryZone to fix their damp crawlspaces.

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