Sump Pumps Case Studies: Upgraded Sump in North Providence, RI

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 by Rachel Post


Jo An in North Providence, RI had an old sump hole in her basement with a pump sitting at the bottom to collect and push out the water from the pit. It was a temporary fix that she knew would not be able to hold up against large amounts of water and in stormy situations. When Jo An contacted DryZone, she mentioned seeing a backup system after doing research on or website and we could educate her on the UltraSump backup system and how it could benefit her and her basement.


Once the inspector and homeowner figured out a plan together, we could schedule and go through with the install of the SuperSump and UltraSump with Waterguard. The Ultrasump backup fit right into the SuperSump’s liner and would run on battery when the primary pump is overworked or looses power. We were very pleased we could give Jo An a system that she would be happy with and could trust.

Project Summary

Inspector: Sam Crowley

Foreman: Carlos Rivera-Viruet

Products Installed: SuperSump, UltraSump & Waterguard

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