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  In this episode of Ask the Expert, Craig helps a homeowner in Northampton, MA shop for a sump pump, listing the main desirable features of a good sump pump system. The sump pump is your first line of defense against basement flooding and considering that pumps are mechanical devices, you want the sump pump to be the best your money can buy. Craig recommends using a powerful cast iron cased sump pump as the main pump. The cast iron casing disperses heat better than a plastic case -- the pump will remain cool and functional even when it has to run for longer periods of time. "You also want some redundancy." -- explains Craig. --"You want to have something to back up." If there is a power outage, you want a battery operated back up pump to pick up the tab. If the main pump fails for some reason, you want another one to replace it. The TripleSafe Sump Pump system, exclusively offered in Central and Western MA by Leader Basement Systems, is the ideal sump pump system you'd want if you plan to reduce the odds of a basement flood to statistical insignificance. It has 2 powerful cast iron electric pumps, and a battery operated backup pump capable of pumping out 11000 gallons of water in one full charge. It comes complete with air tight, sealed container, an alarm to let you know immediately that the main sump is out of commission, and a floor drain to address water from plumbing leaks and other water accidents. We service Pittsfield, Springfield, Chicopee and the greater Worcester area.

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