Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Mold Prevention in North Kingstown, RI Home

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 by Courtney Kuzmich


Louis B of North Scituate, RI reached out to DryZone Basement Systems because of a mold test he had done in his basement. He had just purchased this home and had done his due diligence to ensure he had made the right decision and purchased a healthy home for his family. The inspector had actually suggested that he purchase 2-3 dehumidifiers because he was confident one would not do the trick to stop the mold from returning after it was remediated. Louis was understandably upset by this news and looked into an alternative solution. He didn't want to have to manually empty 2-3 dehumidifiers every day, several times of day, for the rest of his life!


Our installation crew came in to install a SaniDry dehumidifer. This energy efficient dehumidifer (ENERGY STAR® rated) dries up to a 2,500 square foot area, removing up to 109 liters of water per day! The SaniDry also has an air filter that removes particles as small as 2 microns. This covers most mold spore varieties. It is also self draining. Meaning we have a special condensate pump that is installed and drains either to the sump pump or in this case, directly outside. Louis was so thrilled with his results (and the fact that this dehumidifer did the work of 3 store bought units) that he actually called the inspector back to take a look. The inspector was impressed and no longer recommends 3 units, just one SaniDry XP usually does the trick.

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