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Basement Waterproofing in South Hadley, MA

In the "Before" picture, notice damage from years of water issues. In the "After" photo you see a SuperSump Plus pump.

Sump Pump Upgrade In Westerly, RI

This homeowner in Westerly, RI needed a sump pump that had a battery backup. She wanted to be prepared for the severe storms that could cause power outages. We replaced her old sump with our TripleSafe sump pump that comes with an UltraSump backup battery pumping system to fulfill her needs!  

Battery Backup Pump Installed In Westerly, RI

This homeowner in Westerly, RI was looking for a battery backup and a bigger pit for his sump pump because it kept getting clogged up by debris. Any system that gets clogged up can malfunction and possibly lead to costly damages. The safest and best solution we provided was to install a TripleSafe sump pump because it comes in a bigger sump pit, has a primary, secondary and battery backup pump in case of a power outage. This is exactly what the homeowner needed and now he can live with a peace of mind. 

SuperSump In Haydenville, MA

The appointment center got a call from a customer in Haydenville, MA about his unfinished basement. He didn't have much standing water which was good, and he already had an existing sump, but he wanted to improve the waterproofing aspect in general. He was looking for a free estimate on one of our sump pumps, so an inspector visited the home and wrote up the proposal after observing the scene. They ended up installing a SuperSump pumping system with the addition of an UltraSump backup pump. This gives the basement an additional and reliable sump pump that will operate efficiently during power outages and heavy rains! 

Sump Pump Swapped Out in West Hatfield, MA

A homeowner in West Hatfield, MA had several sump pump failures over the past 15 years. He was currently looking for a better option so that he didn't have to keep buying new pumps. Our team provided the best solution so that he doesn't have to worry about his pump not working properly. Our TripleSafe sump pump was the best replacement option, since it comes with 3 pumps to work together during high volumes of rain. The backup pump will give a waterproofing defense line if the power goes out as well! 

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