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A Sloping Living Room Floor Stabilized in Barrington, RI

A homeowner in Barrington, RI wanted to fix his sloping floor issue above his crawl space due to excess moisture. He called us for help because he heard our SmartJacks were steel, adjustable and won't corrode. To solve the initial issue on why the floor support was weak, we encapsulated the area in CleanSpace vapor barrier to prevent moisture coming in. Moisture can cause wood to rot, weakening the support strength it's supposed to provide. Then, we raised the floor back to the correct level with our SmartJacks and stabilized the floor in place. The homeowner felt the immediate impact of the SmartJacks and was happy he could walk on his floor with a peace of mind! 

Sagging Crawlspace in Bristol, RI

A homeowner from Bristol, RI noticed a part of his bedroom sagging downwards, and as a waterproofing company, we can't stress how important it is to fix an issue like this before the floor collapses! Under the floor was a crawlspace that head a weak floor joist, causing the floor to sag down a bit. We saved the day and installed SmartJacks floor support system under the joist, lifting it up back to it's original level! Best part, this solution is adjustable!

Foundation Repair Job in East Providence, RI

This homeowner in East Providence, RI had structural concerns after he realized his foundation was settling! The floors were uneven and there were giant foundation wall cracks. To secure this foundation in place, our team of experts installed PushPiers around this home. Our PushPiers are driven deep into the ground until proper depth has been reached. Then, we used hydraulic pumps to transfer foundation's weight to the soil. After that, the home was now stabilized, giving this homeowner a peace of mind. 

SmartJacks In Tiverton, RI

A homeowner in Tiverton, RI started to notice something off about his crawlspace. A portion of the floor above was sagging down into the space as this was a growing concern. Due to some rotting on the framing, there's no doubt this would be a possibility for this homeowner. He wanted to seek out for help, so he came across DryZone Basement Systems. Our crew installed several SmartJacks to provide this crawlspace with a high-capacity adjustable steel pier to raise the floor back to the original level!

Raising and Stabilizing an Uneven Floor in Hopedale, MA

The wood below this floor was rotting away quickly in Hopedale, MA. There was so much humidity in the crawl space that the supporting wood structure began to deteriorate, effecting the floors stabilization above. Luckily, our team revived this floor and the crawl space under it by installing SmartJack floor support systems to raise the floor and stabilize it in place. Additionally, we fully wrapped up this crawl space with CleanSpace vapor barrier to prevent future humidity. 

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