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Unstable Floor Above Crawl Space In Warwick, RI

This floor in Warwick, RI became very unstable when the wooden floor joists began to rot. Whenever moisture becomes abundant in an area, especially a crawl space, the risk of structural damage becomes very high. This floor needed a solution to permanently stabilize it in place, and that's why we brought in our SmartJack floor support system! By placing our own steel supplemental beam to go against these weakened floor joists, we were able to bring this floor back to its original level, giving this homeowner a definite peace of mind! 

Sagging Living Room Floor in Warwick, RI

This customer living in Warwick, RI was moving her furniture around one day until she noticed that part of the floor was sagging downwards! This created an uneasy feeling, since she wasn't sure if the floor was going to completely collapse or not! To be safe, she called our appointment center since she was looking to stabilize her floor. Sooner than later, we brought her floor back to its original position with out adjustable SmartJack floor support system! 

Uneven Floor Problem in North Smithfield, RI

This homeowner from North Smithfield, RI wanted to level back her floor that was uneven above her basement. The support posts were beginning to slant, causing the floor to become unstable. Our production team saved the day by installing SmartJack floor support systems, our adjustable solution that provides permanent stability, to raise this floor back to place.  

Cracked Foundation in North Providence, RI

We had a customer in North Providence, RI that spotted a noticeable wall crack in his foundation wall. He was smart to call us to use our FlexiSpan wall crack repair system because this crack was letting it water seepage! After two layers of our polyurethane, a foam strip and a piece of CleanSpace vapor barrier, the application was complete! 

Floor Support Job in Barrington, RI

This crawl space in Barrington, RI had a sagging floor above it that was raising a huge concern for this homeowner. The floor would always squeak every time someone stepped upon it. We got right into the crawl space and installed SmartJack floor support systems right under the struggling floor. Our system is perfect for stabilizing this floor since these will never corrode and can also be adjusted for the future. To help reduce the humidity in this crawl space, we fully encapsulated this area with CleanSpace vapor barrier. This floor has been sturdy ever since we came to the rescue! 

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