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Sagging Floor Above Basement In Haydenville, MA

This homeowner in Haydenville, MA was not pleased with his floor sagging downwards. He noticed this when he was in his basement and saw that the wooden support beam was deteriorating. Our production team installed multiple of our SmartJack floor support systems underneath the floor to raise it back to its original position and stabilize it! If you want a permanent floor repair solution, call us for an everlasting peace of mind! 

Sagging Floor Revived in Three Rivers, MA

If you are experiencing a sagging floor like this homeowner in Three Rivers, MA did, then it's time to call us for a stabilization job! We installed SmartJack floor support systems for this homeowner to stabilize and raise this floor back to place. Nobody wants to deal with a collapsed floor, it's damaging to your home and causes a risk of injury. Call us to save your floor! 

Wood Rot In Crawl Space, Exeter, RI

A homeowner in Exeter, RI noticed some wood rot under the wooden support structure in his dirt crawl space. The wood rot was from all the moisture seeping in from the cold dirt and onto the support beams and floor joists. This caused the floor above to become unstable, so we saved the day by installing SmartJack floor support systems to permanently stabilize the floor. These can also be adjusted for when the foundation shifts in the future! 

SmartJack Solution in South Kingstown, RI

A homeowner from South Kingstown, RI had been noticing some concerning signs in his home. The crawlspace was sagging, potentially putting the structure of the house in risk. Any sagging portion of a home should be fixed to avoid costly damages! To help this homeowner avoid that, our production team addressed the sagging floor by installing our SmartJack floor support system. They made a stable holding ground under where the SmartJacks will go, and then each of them was carefully positioned and adjusted to bring the floor back to the original level! 

Stabilizing Foundation Closes Wall Crack in Webster, MA

Push Piers were installed at this home in Webster, MA to lift the home back to level after the foundation settled. The before picture shows the crack through the wall that is about two inches wide. After the Push Piers were installed to stabilize the foundation, you can see in the after picture that the crack is nearly closed.

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